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The Telework Trend 101 (Part 2/3)

What is Telework? Telework is any type of work that is performed away from a traditional office space through the use of a computer and/or telecommunications technology.  This new employment arrangement accurately reflects the evolution of workspace culture, integration of technology, shifting business objectives, and awareness of the impacts of travel.   By its very nature […]

Co Working Attracts Start-Ups & Investors

  By now we have all heard some variation of the co working figures that point to the fact that the number of co working spaces has grown by 400% over the past two years. No matter how this is interpreted, one thing is certain: the trend is undeniable and isn’t losing steam. So what […]

Stop Losing Leads

On October 9 we will be hosting our second Lunch and Learn of the Fall, called Power up the Performance of your Company’s Sales Team, hosted by Lou Natale here at the Rostie Group. We are the lab for Your Virtual Butler, a CRM solution for workspace providers. A CRM system is instrumental for tracking and […]

The Telework Trend (Part 1/3)

Telework 101 Telework also sometimes referred to as telecommuting, involves the use of information technology which enables workers to work outside a traditional office environment.  Mobile workers enjoy a flexible schedule and can work either a normal forty hour week, or on an occasional basis.  Typically most telework occurs only a day or two a […]

The Rostie Group is proud to be the lab for Your Virtual Butler

Web-based services team up: Your Virtual Butler keeps clients updated using ScreenScape Web-based, shared work spaces and property marketing and management software, Your Virtual Butler will display automatically updated content on screens at various sites using ScreenScape. The Rostie Group is proud to be the lab for Your Virtual Butler.  Toronto, ON and Charlottetown, PE. September 11th, 2012 […]

The Rostie Group’s First Meetup

The Rostie Group successfully hosted its first annual Summer Networking Meetup on Friday August 24th. Our tenants came out to join us in saying ‘Aloha’ to the summer season at the Miller Tavern, located just across from 20 Bay Street. As Hannah Tough prepared to go back to school, we were pleased to welcome Miriam […]