The Telework Trend 101 (Part 3/3)

Technology Replaces the Traditional Office As personal technology revolutionizes and reshapes the corporate landscape, it brings us closer to a global society and ushers in a new version of the typical workday.  Telework is an essential step in enabling employees to become mobile and work anytime, anywhere.  Work is now what you do, not where you go each morning.  Organizations that encourage telework shift focus from where work is performed to the quality of work that is produced.  They … [Read more...]

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The nature of work has changed. You don’t go to work; you take your work with you wherever you go. Join Shawn Snobelen and David Potter from Citrix as they discuss how their market-leading and award-winning cloud-based services are transforming the future of business.Learn why small businesses are using GoTo cloud services to connect, share, and collaborate. Webinar Topic: Workshifting - Essential tools for mobile workstyles Date: Wednesday, November 14 Time: 12 PM (EST) Speakers: Shawn … [Read more...]