The Global Workspace Association’s annual conference was a success!

The 28th Annual GWA Conference was held at the Boca Raton Resort & Club in Boca Raton, Florida from September 10-13. The Rostie Gorup had a blast. Charles Anderson describes his experience: The first few days involved day long information sessions that were immensely captivating and educational. The actual workshop portions of the conference were certainly awesome however they were only a portion of what make the GWA conference as great as it was. The people are probably what I took away as … [Read more...]

The Rostie Group now offers Social Media services!

We are pleased to announce a new line up of services that we will be offering. You can now have our experienced marketing team coordinate your social media activities. We can work with you to customize social media plans that will meet your unique requirements. We are here to make social media marketing simple for you!   … [Read more...]

Thanks for my Sight Night – 25th Anniversary of the Eye Foundation of Canada

The Rostie Group is a proud supporter of the Eye Foundation of Canada and would like to invite you to the EFC’s annual Gala – Sight Night! Our very own Charles Anderson recently travelled to India for a pioneering eye surgery and we want to bring attention to and support the Eye Foundation of Canada. Eyesight is often taken for granted but it is something quite precious that we must acknowledge and support. Charles will be speaking at the Eye Foundation’s Sight Night about his journey and we … [Read more...]

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! – Talk Like a Pirate Day

Toronto's Waterfront Workspace and Conference Centre was under siege by buccaneers for International Talk like a Pirate Day! There was plunder from sunken ships in the lounge, including a treasure chest filled with sweet treats for all. Our team was dressed in their best pirate attire while practicing their “Yars!” in good spirits. Speaking of good spirits, the winner of our Funniest Pirate Joke Contest is Phil from PMC Specialist Recruiting Solutions! Check out his joke after the jump! Why … [Read more...]

The Rostie Group ranked as 1 of top 10 Virtual Office Solutions by BlogTO

Rostie Group Rostie Group is located down at the foot of Bay St., at Queen's Quay, at 20 Bay St. Their virtual services include a "live receptionist," mail handling, and meeting room and office space. Plans range from $69 per month, which includes use of the address for mail purposes, fax and courier services, all the way to a more comprehensive package at $199 per month, which includes phone answering, access to the lounge area and meeting rooms, and presentation and office … [Read more...]

Talk Like a Pirate Day at The Rostie Group

Arrrr you itching to sound like a captain of the high seas or first mate? Aye, mateys, you're in luck! Friday September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! While this isn't a public holiday, The Rostie Group will be celebrating the occasion. We invite you to join the festivities or risk a on walk the plank! Unleash your inner Buccaneer and live the Pirate life with us. There'll be plenty of sweet plunder for all in our Treasure Desk at reception!  *DRESSING LIKE A PIRATE IS … [Read more...]

The Rostie Group – Toronto’s Waterfront Workspace & Conference Centre likes to share!

Work culture is changing and shared workspaces are becoming the norm. Everyone is into sharing these days – Airbnb allows you to share your home and other innovative companies such as Lyft or Sidecar are coming up with ways to share cars. At The Rostie Group, Toronto’s Waterfront Workspace and Conference Centre, we love to share everything with our clients. Why pay the full overhead when you can share? We offer shared workspaces as well as private offices and team rooms. No matter which … [Read more...]