A talk with Abigail – The Rostie Group’s Meeting & Office Space Rental Coordinator

Our column, “Let's talk with the Rostie Group”, features this week, Abigail Bristow or Abi as she is endearingly called. Abi with her father at Disney Land What do you do? I am the business center meeting rooms manager for the Rostie Group. I deal with all outside and inside clients from office spacing, meeting rooms, and the event planning of meeting room spaces. What do you like about your job? Everyday is different completely. You could be planning corporate government … [Read more...]

#SocialFriday Event 3:00-5:00 pm in the Rostie Group Lounge

Join us for #SocialFriday 3:00-5:00 pm in the Rostie Group Lounge   … [Read more...]

Location. Location. Location. Client Meetings – Professional Easy-To-Access Venue. No To Coffee Shops!

When preparing for a client meeting there are some fundamentals that when observed greatly increase the chances of you winning new business, referrals and client confidence. Here are a few tips that we have compiled: Research your client. He/she will be impressed that you took the time to find out about their industry and their needs. It will prevent you from making unproductive or even embarrassing assumptions and it will give you the professional image you need to instil confidence in the … [Read more...]

Your Virtual Butler and meetingrooms.com announce live inventory integration

YOUR VIRTUAL BUTLER AND MEETINGROOMS.COM ANNOUNCE LIVE INVENTORY INTEGRATION - Meeting Rooms Feb 12, 2015 — Your Virtual Butler and meetingrooms.com – both Global Workspace Association members – are pleased to announce the completion of an API integration that enables live inventory availability between meetingrooms.com and Your Virtual Butler’s unified calendar application. With the integration, business centers now have the ability when using Your Virtual Butler’s calendar … [Read more...]

The New Pedestrian Bridge in the South Core

In November, we posted an article on the commuting habits of those of us who work on the Rostie Group floor. All of the people interviewed took various transportation modes; almost all said their commute included a walk from Union Station. At the time of the interview, the pedestrian bridge wasn't completed, yet. The only option for walking down from Union to the office at time was on Bay Street. With the bridge completed now, we wanted to know how many people used it. We surveyed 30 people on … [Read more...]