The December Scoop is out!

Enjoy this month's Scoop newsletter and learn about exciting events happening around Toronto's Waterfront Community. We are proud to showcase many of our business community partners in this month's issue and we hope you enjoy our editorials.   … [Read more...]


Any size company can benefit from flexible, low cost workspace solutions that don’t require a long-term commitment. Above and beyond the scope of traditional business incubators, our Coworking spaces aren’t just for startups with high-growth potential. … [Read more...]

Toronto’s Premier Business Solution Centre

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The Staff Meeting.

Shall we begin.. The secret to a growing company is 'intellectual capital'. Seeking out, hiring and retaining the best in breed. These are your employees.  One person can come up with an innovative idea, patent it on your behalf and game on - let the salad days begin for your company. If you don't have a written and distributed agenda for the attendees, don't have a meeting. If no action items come out of a meeting, you have wasted an hour (or more) of your valuable workday. Staff meetings … [Read more...]

#RostieTalks interviews Kevin Suitor of TELoIP Inc. … [Read more...]

The November Scoop is Out!

We are excited to announce that this is our largest edition of The Scoop yet. If you would like to advertise in our growing newsletter we are always happy to showcase local companies and community partners. For more information on advertising, email   … [Read more...]

Coworking boosts your ideas and builds your business

Coworking is more than just a desk at an office that is not your own. It is a community that generates innovation and provides people with access to like-minded individuals and business solution services. With small businesses becoming easier and easier to build from the ground up, coworking space creates an environment where collaboration and mutual energy can manifest itself in a way to build your ideas. The concept of bringing your laptop to the local Starbucks to work on a project has … [Read more...]

The Rostie Group named in Top 10 Virtual Offices in Toronto The Rostie Group is honoured to be mentioned in BlogTO's list of the 10 best Virtual Business Offices in Toronto. Our organization works hard, each and everyday to provide the best possible service and business solutions for our customers and receiving this distinction is a tremendous acknowledgement. Sign up today for your virtual office and see for yourself why we are among the best Toronto has to … [Read more...]

New Web App Coming Soon!

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