The Rostie Group – Toronto’s Waterfront Workspace & Conference Centre likes to share!

Work culture is changing and shared workspaces are becoming the norm. Everyone is into sharing these days – Airbnb allows you to share your home and other innovative companies such as Lyft or Sidecar are coming up with ways to share cars. At The Rostie Group, Toronto’s Waterfront Workspace and Conference Centre, we love to share everything with our clients. Why pay the full overhead when you can share? We offer shared workspaces as well as private offices and team rooms. No matter which … [Read more...]

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Labour Day Weekend

Wishing everyone an enjoyable and memorable labour day weekend that is full of fun. … [Read more...]

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Screening at The Rostie Group

Ghostbusters is 30 Years old tomorrow (August 29, 2014) and The Rostie Group is celebrating with an 30th Anniversary Screening! Please join us in our Rainy Lake Room.' … [Read more...]

The Counter Offer

  Contributor:  Pamela Inglis, Recruiter - Rostie & Associates. Okay.  This is a tough one.  I know there are a lot of articles out there about this subject - written by people far more eloquent than I am.  But, they basically all say the same thing: DON’T DO IT! You’re always going to find someone who will tell you that they took a count-offer, got a great big raise and things couldn’t have worked out better.  Believe me, they’re the exception. Consider things from your … [Read more...]

Quick Facts about Green Retrofitting

Contributor: Mahtot Gebresselassie, ICL Project Management Solutions Green retrofits are becoming more popular than new green construction. They are a less risky investment because there is no cost to build the main components of the building. Green retrofits are also more efficient in that they use minimal to no new natural resources to construct the components of the building. Weather Beacon at Canada Life, at 330 University Avenue, Toronto. The green upgrade from incandescent light … [Read more...]

Men’s Fashion Week is coming to Toronto. Have you met TOM*?

TOM* - Toronto Men’s Fashion Week is a celebration of the best in Canadian Menswear, showcasing established and pioneering menswear designers and brands. Toronto is the 8th Men’s Fashion week in the world joining the ranks of London, Paris, Milan, Florence, Singapore, Vancouver and Los Angeles. TOM* will feature The Menswear Collections by the country’s most iconic and innovative designers, as well as top menswear brands and shops.  Among the many highlights is the launch of the EMDA- … [Read more...]

The job offer, or “I got what I wanted and now I don’t know what to do!”

Contributor:  Pamela Inglis, Recruiter - Rostie & Associates. There you are with an offer in hand – you’ve gone through however many rounds of interviews with your trusty recruiter by your side.  You’re all excited, you’ve closed the deal -  and now you’re not sure. It happens all the time.  It’s what you do about it, and why, that matters. This is when you have to take a deep breath and decide what you really want.  Your best friend can’t tell you, your parents can’t tell you, and … [Read more...]

My recruiter never calls me…

  Contributor:  Pamela Inglis, Recruiter - Rostie & Associates Okay. Big complaint from a lot of people. “My recruiter knows I’m looking for a job and I never hear from them.” Fair enough, there may be some truth to that – but not for the reasons you think. Whether it feels like it or not, we want to help you find a job. Nothing would make us happier. I can’t speak for other recruiters but it makes me feel really good to help someone find a job they love. But I think we all … [Read more...]

Rise N’ Shine – It’s Pancake Time!

The weather is beautiful and we feel that it is time for another networking event. This time we will host a fun breakfast that will allow you to network with our clients. Please be sure to join us for our Pancake Networking Breakfast on June 24, 2014 from 8:00-10:00 AM. … [Read more...]