The Rostie Group Work Community – Giving Back This Past Weekend!

There were a multitude of amazing events happening around Toronto this past weekend including 2 Conquer Cancer fundraisers, Little Portugal Festival, Bestival on Toronto Island, and the HOPE volleyball tournament. Of course staff and tenants of the Rostie Group were very involved! Take a look at some of the most memorable moments:
photo 2
Rostie Group’s Hannah Tough at Relay for Life @ Fort York Saturday June 13th. The relay lasted 6 hours from 6pm-midnight on an outdoor track lit with tea lights in honour of those affected by Cancer.
To donate please go to for the Relay for Life Canadian Cancer Foundation.



Josh Howard from Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. participated in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer bike journey pedalling over 200km! To donate please go to


The 27th Annual HOPE Volleyball tournament to raise money for local charities was a great success! Rostie tenants PMC and Stafflink Solutions had employees participate as well as our own Abigail Bristow and Charles Anderson from the Rostie Group. The team name was “Sets on the Beach” and the weather was wonderful on Toronto’s Electric Island!

We are looking forward to this week’s lineup of events including the TD Toronto Jazz Festival at locations across the city, and the beginning of Luminato, Toronto’s international multi-arts festival. In the South core of Toronto the Redpath Waterfront Festival – Party on the Promenade #POP15 begins on Friday June 19th right outside our door at Queens Quay. The Rostie Group will be in attendance, so come check out the scene and say Hi to us! The weekend will be packed with events for POP across the waterfront of Toronto featuring the Wine & Spirit Festival at Sugar Beach, Dock Dogs dog jumping and diving, and the Sweetness Pride Beach Party on Sunday, June 21st celebrating the beginning of Pride Week here in Toronto.
Come on down and enjoy all that beautiful Toronto has to offer this week.

#RostieTalks – Miller & Bean


New video interview! #RostieTalks, features Miller & Bean, Toronto’s reliable office coffee service. Watch Spencer Anderson, our Customer Service Representative interview Josh Nehme, Director of Accounts Management and Partner, as they dive into the exciting details of this service based company in the GTA providing premium coffee, filtered water, and breakroom supplies for offices.

Q. Tell us a bit about your business and the area you specialize in.

A. Miller & Bean is an office coffee service company. We provide coffee, filtered water, and break room supplies to companies in the GTA.
Q. What sets you apart from the rest?

A. Our number one product is the BaristaPro bean-to-cup coffee machine, it’s the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly coffee machine for the office. Clients love it, best seller. The other “intangible” thing that sets us apart is our focus on customer service. It all boils down to creating relationships and we’ll go to the end of the world for our clients
Q. What do you love about having your business in Toronto?

A. Toronto is a vibrant and exciting city. If you look at all the development, all the business that is happening here… it is clearly the best place to be in Canada, even North America… to grow your business.


Q. How long have you been at the Rostie Group and why do you like it here?

A. Miller & Bean has been providing coffee service in Toronto for 7 years now, and we moved our sales and admin office to the Rostie Group this year. Our warehouse is 5 minutes away but working in a professional office environment right on Bay St., has already proven invaluable. It gives us quick and easy access to our clients and it’s perfect for training and meetings.


Q. When you look back, what is the most memorable experience you’ve had?

A. I’m very lucky because I get to do the fun stuff with our clients. A lot of them have charities they support and we’ll come in and support them too. Whether it’s a run, or a BBQ, or a party, those are always fun. I was lucky last year, I got out of rappelling on Old City Hall.


Q. What motivates you?

A. I want to build a great business. I want people to look at our team and think “those guys are making a difference”. I like that sense of accomplishment, that feeling of pride… that motivates me.


Q. What are the three pieces of advice you would give to others looking to try their hand in your industry?

A. -Make sure your phone is fully charged every day, because it’ll be ringing non-stop

-The mornings are early, so drink a lot of coffee, don’t worry about sleep.

-Treat your clients like gold. Keep your word.


Q. Where do you get your caffeine fix?

A. Lucky for me I’m never out of coffee. We’re always doing a demo here and there or testing out some new blend, so have constant access to caffeine. That’s not the problem. LOL


Q. What do you prefer, regular coffee or espresso?

A. Both! I have a Keurig at home and that gives my morning jolt, right now I’m loving the dark roasts. Our BaristaPro makes QWE espresso, so americanos, lattes, cappuccinos…I sneak a few of those every day too.


Q. You’re on a desert island and allowed only one item…

A. My cellphone, and a charger. And some coffee. Am I allowed three?


Q. What are you going to plug your charger into?

A. Can I bring a portable generator?… and some coffee? Can I bring three?


Addressing Unconscious Bias Lunch ‘n’ Learn Presented by Elaine Newman, Founder and CEO, Global Learning

20150602 - Global Learning - Unconscious Bias Image - Brain Process Speed


Everyone has bias; it is part of who we are. Bias is best described as a mental shortcut: we often use readily available thoughts and personal views to help us make decisions and establish opinions. The problem with biased thinking is that it frequently leads to an inaccurate understanding of a person or a situation. This inaccuracy can mean we see a person or a situation in a more positive way or a more negative way which impacts our choices around innovation, hiring, engagement, management, promotion and our overall interactions within our teams and organization as a whole.  Come to this hour long introductory session on the fundamentals of unconscious bias and how it impacts our actions and reactions in our workplace and marketplace.


Bring your own lunch and listen to Elaine Newman, Founder and CEO of Global Learning Addressing Unconscious Bias!


About Global Learning

Global Learning is a leading strategic consulting and learning organization whose mission over the past 19 years is to provide their clients with innovative, relevant and transformational solutions in the areas of diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, cultural intelligence and organizational development. Their focus is to enable behavioural change that facilitates the growth of individuals and business in a diverse and competitive workplace and marketplace.


Date: Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Time: 11:45am – 1:00pm

Location: 20 Bay st, Waterpark Place, 11th floor, Toronto, ON                  Pacific Boardroom

Please RSVP by emailing

When it comes to your Office Space needs we get the #Why

WHY-300x225At the Rostie Group we get that there’s a “why” behind every business and as a result we take pride in continuously creating innovative ways to provide added value with our own initiatives designed to bring our customers closer to their purpose and vision, or what we like to call the “why”.

We take painstaking care in providing relevant educational “Lunch and Learn” seminars, community building events like Social Friday, cross promotional opportunities, our own brand of personalized service and much more! Altogether these efforts create a definitive and unique “Rostie” experience that goes beyond traditional expectations.

If you are interested in learning more about the unique services, office space and business solutions the Rostie Group offers and how we can bring you closer to your “why”, don’t hesitate: Contact us at or(416) 214-1840 to book a tour or even pay us a surprise visit.

We would love to have you!

Content Marketing Lunch n’ Learn by Marketing CoPilot

marketing-change-buying-behaviourJoin us for a free Content Marketing Lunch n’ Learn in our Pacific Boardroom on June 5th from 11:45am to 1:00pm. This interactive discussion will dive into content marketing in the age of changed buyer behavior and how to create digital content that converts.

Bring your own lunch and listen to Marketing CoPilot’s President and Founder, Marie Wiese share invaluable insights on today’s content marketing strategies.

Date: June 5th, 2015

Time: 11:45am – 1:00pm

Location: Pacific Boardroom

Please RSVP by emailing

About Marketing CoPilot

Since 2003, Marketing CoPilot has been providing small and medium-sized businesses with digital marketing strategies that produce measurable business results. Marketing CoPilot integrates deep technical and creative capabilities with a proven methodology to help organizations turn their websites into powerful lead generation and lead nurturing tools.
100% of the companies that implement the Marketing CoPilot Content Marketing Program have reduced the cost of lead acquisition and increased revenue.

Big Biller Insights from Next Level Exchange Recruiting.

richardCome to The Rostie Group Friday, May 29th to develop and learn new tactics on how you can empower your recruiting and business capabilities. from 9am – 4pm we will be hosting some of Canada’s top recruiting experts to talk about and demonstrate their secrets of the trade.

For only $199+HST you can make an investment in your future; not only through the information being shared, but also the invaluable networking that will take place during and after. The Rostie Social follows the event closely with complimentary drinks and snacks, creating the perfect atmosphere to spend quality time with upcoming, and established minds of the recruiting world.

Please call us today to reserve your spot – 416-214-1840. We look forward to seeing you!

You may also click this link to download and complete a registration form to secure your place.




Another Fantastic Social Friday!

We kicked off the weekend with another successful #SocialFriday ! Many a beer and laugh were had, but the Earth Day celebration we had throughout really stole the show. Our creative artists really wowed the room!






Join us for #SocialFriday at the Rostie Group 11th Floor Lounge

New Rostie Social Poster
Join us for


4:00-6:00 pm

in the Rostie Group Lounge