The Telework Trend (Part 1/3)

Telework 101 Telework also sometimes referred to as telecommuting, involves the use of information technology which enables workers to work outside a traditional office environment.  Mobile workers enjoy a flexible schedule and can work either a normal forty hour week, or on an occasional basis.  Typically most telework occurs only a day or two a week.  Implementation of a telework program offers significant benefits to employees, employers and their surrounding communities. The Canadian … [Read more...]

The Rostie Group is proud to be the lab for Your Virtual Butler

Web-based services team up: Your Virtual Butler keeps clients updated using ScreenScape Web-based, shared work spaces and property marketing and management software, Your Virtual Butler will display automatically updated content on screens at various sites using ScreenScape. The Rostie Group is proud to be the lab for Your Virtual Butler.  Toronto, ON and Charlottetown, PE. September 11th, 2012 – Developers of Your Virtual Butler (YVB), a specialized e-commerce and work spaces … [Read more...]

Bad Office Posture Can Be a Pain in the Neck (Tips)

  Good posture is important whether you're sitting in a comfy office chair or at a workstation or standing by the water cooler. We spend countless hours sitting in front of the computer screen which can lead to back or neck pain. Fortunately all of this can be avoided by observing some thoughtful tips: Sit right back in your chair Use the chair’s lumbar support to keep your head and neck erect. Take stretch breaks and walking breaks if sitting in an office chair for long periods … [Read more...]

Reasons to Co work You May or May not have Thought of

Discipline. Routine of leaving the house can be just as important to the workaholic as it is to the easily distracted co worker. Industry awareness. Working alongside peers can put your career strategy and assumptions in sharper perspective. Net-WORK in a new city. If you have just moved to a new city you can work, network and learn all at the same time in the same place. It’s green!       Source About the Rostie Group: The Rostie … [Read more...]

The Rostie Group’s First Meetup

The Rostie Group successfully hosted its first annual Summer Networking Meetup on Friday August 24th. Our tenants came out to join us in saying 'Aloha' to the summer season at the Miller Tavern, located just across from 20 Bay Street. As Hannah Tough prepared to go back to school, we were pleased to welcome Miriam Gaspar aboard. As well, we had another reason to celebrate as Lynda Pitchford officially joined our Rostie & Associates team! We sincerely hope to see you at our next dynamic … [Read more...]

David Rostie Speaks about the NHLPA Negotiations

The Rostie Group's very own David Rostie caught some camera time recently when he was tracked down by Global News. David shared his views amidst the then ongoing NHL contract negotiations which were being held at 20 Bay Street. A die-hard hockey fan, David expressed his heartfelt desire that a settlement be reached as soon as possible so that fans just like him would be not be robbed of the sport they love. The previous lockout in 2004–05 NHL was a lockout that resulted in the cancellation of … [Read more...]

The NHL Labour Talks, Hosted by The Rostie Group

The NHL labour talks may not have resolved the association’s problems, but at least the owners had some fashionable Rostie Group umbrellas to keep them dry as they left the building. The Rostie Group recently hosted the NHLPA in their newly built Rainy Lake conference room. Click here to see the Global News clip. "The biggest issue holding up talks is finding agreement on how the league's revenues should be split up. Players received 57 per cent under the expiring CBA and the league wants to … [Read more...]

The Rise of the Remote Worker

Even with rising unemployment, the number of remote workers continues to climb according to the Dieringer Research Group Inc.  Demographically... What does the average teleworker look like? Would you have guessed, 40-years-old and at least a college grad? Half of the teleworkers out there have a college degree, on top of that 25% have a post-graduate degree in addition to college. Teleworkers are mostly knowledge workers. The option to telework is increasingly offered to salaried … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know before your Video Conference

Video conferencing is a good way to save on overhead costs and the cost of client meetings altogether by eliminating time and capital used in commuting. Here are some essential tips to make sure your next video conference is a success. Internet Connection Make sure that you are using a hard-wired Ethernet connection, and not any kind of Wi-Fi, for video conferencing. Wi-Fi crashes much more often than Ethernet connections – the advantage is clear. Test the internet connection BEFORE the … [Read more...]