#RostieTalks – Michael Koenig, Partner at Davis Martindale

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This week on #RostieTalks we feature Michael Koenig, Partner at Davis Martindale, with questions beings presented by Hannah Tough, Rostie Group’s Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator. They talk about Davis Martindale’s operations and why they are more than just your average accounting firm! 

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Thank you for coming out and answering a few questions Mr. Koenig!

Happy Birthday Coworking

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The newest buzzword ‘Coworking’ is here to stay and its taking the world by storm with over 2500 coworking spaces now operating across the globe.

It was August 9th 2005 that Brad Neuberg opened the first collaborative workspace, called Spiral Muse, and dubbed it “coworking”. He was quickly joined by other early coworking leaders like Tara Hunt & Chris Messina, who were original founders of the Hat Factory (along with Brad Neuberg and a few others), and finally Citizen Space, which is still a thriving coworking space to this very day in San Francisco.

Join us in celebrating Coworking’s 10th birthday and try a FREE week of coworking at The Rostie Group!

Book today – 416-214-1840 – info@rostiegroup.com



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Kajama Summer Boat Cruise!

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This is your chance to get on board one of Toronto’s best attractions and sail the Kajama, a traditional 165 foot three masted Schooner boat cruise!
Sit back and relax with a cold drink from the fully licensed bar, and a delicious meal as you set sail on Toronto Harbour and beautiful Lake Ontario. The best Toronto attraction in our work community!

Join us in celebrating summer!

When: Thursday, August 13th, 2015
Where: Queens Quay terminal, just outside of 20 Bay St., WaterPark Place
When: the cruise boards at 5:30p.m. The perfect after work drink spot.

Tickets are $21+HST.
Email rsvp@rostiegroup.com to reserve yours now!

Freelancers Unite – with Coworking

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Are you a Freelancer looking for a place to connect, network and get work done?

We are offering free coworking hours and a special discounts  on coworking packages for freelancers. Get your creative juices flowing and let us take care of the rest.

Enjoy an all-access workspace with Wi-Fi, printing/ fax capabilities and of course complimentary coffee!

Be inspired. Take a stroll along Toronto’s Waterfront, only a few short steps away from your workspace.

Be connected. Coworking encourages like-minded people to come together and share ideas. Our shared office environment encourages networking and is home to an array of entrepreneurs, startups and business owners.

Be productive. Focus on your work without the stress of a home-office or crowded coffee shop. We take care of all your workspace and caffeine needs.

Call today!


Toll-free:1-800-648-1840 info@rostiegroup.com

Free Rise & Shine Breakfast Seminar – July 8th – 8:00am

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Come and join us over breakfast and learn about SLAP (Silver Lining Action Plan) for businesses with Founder & CEO Carissa Reiniger!

Wednesday, July 8th – 8:00 am
20 Bay St, Waterpark Place, 11th Floor

Toronto, ON
Pacific Meeting Room

If you are a business owner with 100K to 2M in revenue and feel like you never have enough time or money – you probably need a SLAP! A SLAP (Silver Lining Action Plan) helps you set revenue and profit goals AND create the most direct Action Plan to hit those goals.
This SLAPsession is not going to have any consulting speak or leave you with another impractical business plan that you won’t ever look at or use – instead it is a working session where we will move fast and guide you through our SLAPmethodology to help you build a one year growth plan for your business!

In our time together, we will work through:
• How to build a niche and grow faster
• How to evaluate expenses, profit margins and best pricing for your products or services
• How to figure out who your Ideal Client is
• How to go out and find more Ideal Client’s (without spending ANY money and very limited time)


Please respond to rsvp@rostiegroup.com to confirm your attendance.

Tips on Where to Sit in Your Next Meeting

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Ever wondered how where you sit impacts a meeting or interview? There are definitely dynamics to consider when choosing where to sit in relation to the other attendees in the meeting room. In the western world, the most senior person in the meeting sits at the head of the table. While in Asia, the most senior person sits in the middle of one of the horizontal rows.


Here are some tips about seating positions and how they impact the dynamic of meetings. While many factors will determine the application of the points here, such as number of people in attendance, how early you are to the meeting and even the shape of the table, these tips can help at the very least by highlighting the forces at play and the advantages and disadvantages of various seating arrangements.


Share the corner to put them at ease


When you share one corner of the meeting table, the other person is more likely to be relaxed, comfortable and open to free-flowing conversation. This positioning allows for easy eye contact, freedom to use and observe each other’s gestures, and eliminates territorial division of the table. This can be used for introductory meetings and one-on-one presentations to establish rapport quickly and gain trust. In larger meetings it is easier to reciprocate cooperation from the person seated next you than anyone else at the table.


Side by Side for collaboration

Have a deadline looming? Sitting side by side is great positioning for collaborating and brain storming between two people. Most people gravitate to this position naturally when they are working on the same project. Depending on your level of comfort prior to the meeting there might be a feeling of discomfort or invasion of personal space because of the close proximity of the parties at the table.


Face-off for a power play

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We’ve all experienced the tense atmosphere that sitting directly opposite someone (or in a competitive position) can create. In an office setting it can be used to establish a superior-subordinate role. In social research it was found that when seated across from someone else, people speak in shorter sentences and recall less of what was said. It was also discovered that those involved in the study were less likely to be persuaded than any other seating arrangement.


Circle, Square or Rectangle?

Square tables provide the opportunity to combine both corner and side by side seating while a rectangular table provides multiple competitive positions. It is said that King Arthur sat the knights around the round table to avoid the competitive dynamic and imply equality.

Startup Stock Photos

So how will you leverage your place at the meeting table to forge a new relationship or establish leadership?


Sources: http://westsidetoastmasters.com/resources/book_of_body_language/chap17.html

Welcome to Your New Queens Quay

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UntitledIn a little more than two months – mark your calendars for June 19, 2015 – Queens Quay will officially reopen. Soon we’ll be strolling along the revitalized Queens Quay’s generous pedestrian promenade and riding our bikes down the new Martin Goodman Trail. If you’ve been by the construction site in recent weeks, you’ve already seen the new street taking shape. The streetcars are running. The granite promenades on the north side are almost complete and those on the south side are well underway. The Martin Goodman Trail is also nearing completion and soon we’ll just be applying the finishing touches.

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2016!

The Rostie Group wishes you the best start to the New Year

happy new yeaar

Start 2016 off right for your business and take advantage of our professional virtual office and reception services. Every business, no matter what stage it is at can benefit from a corporate address, friendly phone answering and exceptional meeting room space.


When you find your business is growing, you are hiring more employees and looking for more space, we’ve got you covered! Transition into a full-time coworking space, small private office space or maybe even a team room. The possibilities are endless – and customizable.


Start 2016 off right and give your business what it needs to succeed!

Let’s Chat with The Rostie Group: Victoria Syme of Harmony Marketing

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Lets Chat with The Rostie Group - Victoria Syme of Harmony Marketing

As we launch the Let’s Chat with Rostie Group series, we decided to interview PR maven Victoria Syme of Harmony Marketing. From planning to execution, Harmony Marketing brings its skill and knowledge to all phases of a marketing program and has worked with clients such as Redpath Waterfront Festival and City of Toronto. Here’s what we learned from Victoria:

Tell us a bit about your business and the area you specialize in.

I work for Harmony Marketing, a full-service boutique marketing, communications, sponsorship and government relations agency here in Toronto. My most recent project was the Redpath Waterfront Festival. I helped manage media interviews, live television hits, event listings, blogger outreach, and all onsite PR activities as well as marketing for the festival leading up to the 3 day event.

Why should someone chose Harmony Marketing?

A client should choose Harmony Marketing if they want a dedicated team that will bring skills and knowledge to all phases of a marketing program. We believe in brokering unique opportunities and partnerships that are innovative and often differ from the norm. We are driven by success; success for our clients and their partners. 

How did you develop your interest in (and obvious talent for) this business?

I did a BA in Communications at McMaster University and a Post-Grad in Corporate Communications & Public Relations at Centennial College. As a child, I was a dancer and very social. I always knew this was the field for me as my entire family is in media or the arts. My dad is a producer, my mom works in marketing, my uncle’s a lighting designer and my aunt is a former actress turned pyrotechnician.

What sets you apart from the rest?

Although my focus is in PR, I have a firm understanding of marketing and social media marketing. I’ve also had experience with agencies of varying sizes and working on projects remotely so I can assist organizations no matter what their size or geographic location.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

I love that everyday is different. I love change and enjoy the fact that my role is multi-faceted and keeps me on my toes. I’m not at the desk all day, I’m always on the go… whether it be meetings with clients, industry events, or on location.

How long have you been living in Toronto?

Since Day 1 – I was born here.

What would you say are your 3 favorite places to dine in Toronto?

  1. During the summertime, I always need a good patio. I would say that the Mill Street Brewery is my pick. It’s always great in the distillery.
  2. Joe Allen’s on the Danforth is a family favorite. I grew up in the neighbourhood.
  3. You definitely need a guilty pleasure on the list. The Black Bull on Queen is my local haunt. I go there for the convenience and the people watching!

If you were to look back, what would be the most memorable experience you have had?

I was asked to work in Chicago for their Tall Ships event and it has been one of the highlights of my career so far. Tall Ships America had seen the great media response we had when the Tall Ships came to Toronto last year and requested that I come to assist their media team at Navy Pier. I communicated with major news outlets in the US such as Fox, WGN, and NBC and it was a great feeling to know that my skills transferred to the US market.

If you could be granted 1 superpower, what would it be?

I would choose to fly – how cool would that be? I’ve always wanted to experience the feeling of flight. It would be quite powerful to see the world from above and cutting back on travel time would be a bonus! Even the ability to simply fly through clouds would be phenomenal.


For more detailed information on Harmony Marketing, their background, clients and past experiences, please visit www.harmonymarketing.ca.