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marketing-change-buying-behaviourJoin us for a free Content Marketing Lunch n’ Learn in our Pacific Boardroom on June 5th from 11:45am to 1:00pm. This interactive discussion will dive into content marketing in the age of changed buyer behavior and how to create digital content that converts.

Bring your own lunch and listen to Marketing CoPilot’s President and Founder, Marie Wiese share invaluable insights on today’s content marketing strategies.

Date: June 5th, 2015

Time: 11:45am – 1:00pm

Location: Pacific Boardroom

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About Marketing CoPilot

Since 2003, Marketing CoPilot has been providing small and medium-sized businesses with digital marketing strategies that produce measurable business results. Marketing CoPilot integrates deep technical and creative capabilities with a proven methodology to help organizations turn their websites into powerful lead generation and lead nurturing tools.
100% of the companies that implement the Marketing CoPilot Content Marketing Program have reduced the cost of lead acquisition and increased revenue.

Big Biller Insights from Next Level Exchange Recruiting.

richardCome to The Rostie Group Friday, May 29th to develop and learn new tactics on how you can empower your recruiting and business capabilities. from 9am – 4pm we will be hosting some of Canada’s top recruiting experts to talk about and demonstrate their secrets of the trade.

For only $199+HST you can make an investment in your future; not only through the information being shared, but also the invaluable networking that will take place during and after. The Rostie Social follows the event closely with complimentary drinks and snacks, creating the perfect atmosphere to spend quality time with upcoming, and established minds of the recruiting world.

Please call us today to reserve your spot – 416-214-1840. We look forward to seeing you!

You may also click this link to download and complete a registration form to secure your place.




Another Fantastic Social Friday!

We kicked off the weekend with another successful #SocialFriday ! Many a beer and laugh were had, but the Earth Day celebration we had throughout really stole the show. Our creative artists really wowed the room!






Join us for #SocialFriday at the Rostie Group 11th Floor Lounge

New Rostie Social Poster
Join us for


4:00-6:00 pm

in the Rostie Group Lounge

Party on the Promenade at the Redpath Waterfront Festival June 19-21


5 events, 4 parks, 3 days, 2 kilometres,1 giant party!

Celebrate Toronto’s newly revitalized waterfront and Party on the Promenade at the Redpath Waterfront Festival June 19-21, 2015. Stroll along the revitalized Queens Quay Boulevard and enjoy various activities and entertainment including buskers, dance demonstrations, live music, art on the water, SUP lessons, great food and more. For more information on other events happening at the festival, visit

The Redpath Waterfront Festival is an annual summer event that provides on-land and on-water programming for people of all ages and interests with the goal of promoting Toronto locally and internationally as a premiere waterfront destination.

With music, food, nautical programs and entertainment, the Festival has something for everyone to enjoy. Every three years, the event welcomes a fleet of majestic TALL SHIPS® to Toronto.

The party starts Friday night:

  • Be a part of Waterfront Toronto’s official opening at Simcoe Wave Deck for the ribbon cutting ceremony.
  • Join us for the Waterfront Parade from Sherbourne Common (in the east) and Harbourfront Community Centre (in the west) to finish at the Big Stage at HTO Park.
  • Feast on food truck treats and drinks at the Waterfront Bar in HTO Park.
  • Enjoy the Opening Show featuring Swing Shift Big Band and celebrity dance appearances from Jean Marc Généreux, Blake McGrath and Trevor Tordjman.
  • Shop at the Waterfront Artisan Market in HTO Park for unique products from local designers, chefs and artists.

The party continues all weekend long with buskers, live art creations, music, stand-up paddle boarding, parades and much more!

  • Waterfront Artisan Market
  • PawsWay Pet Parade
  • Toronto Island SUP Lessons & Yoga
  • Paddle with Canoe Toronto


How to choose a Meeting Room in Toronto


IMG_0653Inspections for choosing a meeting room provider can be particularly nerve racking. Agreed. However, we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be and here are a few short and sweet tips.

Put yourself in the attendees’ shoes

Do a surprise tour. Pop in unannounced and save yourself the distraction of the red carpet treatment that’s doled out for a prearranged visit.

Know your parameters

Your goals and parameters should ideally dictate the facilities you end up choosing. If you want to have excitement and interaction then your venue should have theatre capabilities and suitable tech support. If you are conducting training then you will do better with a location that can eliminate interuptions and has sound proof walls in each room.

Is there dedicated IT support? If not , are you able to risk running into a technical hitch right before your meeting begins and not have dedicated IT staff on hand?

Make a note of all the things that are important to you such as catering options that fit your budget, amenities, view and flexibility.

Take a closer look

Conduct a deep analysis to compare sites’ strengths and weakness. Evaluate locations based on relevant factors such as proximity to public transport, restaurants, parking, airports etc

How safe are the surroundings and how easy is it to get around if your attendees decide to leave the meeting room site?


Stellar window office space available at Toronto’s Waterfront Workspaces and Meeting Rooms

Blog post office 601 - Copy

At the Rostie Group we pride ourselves in being able to provide quality and affordable office and team space for rent.

Features include:

  • Fully furnished and perfect for 6 to 7 persons
  • Spectacular city views
  • Situated in the thriving downtown South Core, steps away from Union station and just a stone throws away from the lake
  • SkyWalk access from Union Station – Have a warm commute in the winter months!
  • Flexible and customizable office configuration to meet your company’s unique needs
  • Committed specialist support available from any of our teams (catering, in house IT support etc.)
  • Rostie Group meeting rooms, voice over IP, videoconferencing, full service kitchen and business lounge all available (preferred rates may apply).

Feel free to contact us for further information and to schedule a tour. 416-214-1840 or visit We look forward to offering you a unique office solution that meets your company’s needs.

Craig Sisson joins Rostie & Associates Inc.

Untitled - CopyLeading high tech recruiting firm, Rostie & Associates Inc. is pleased to announce that Craig Sisson, experienced sales management professional with such high profile companies as Apple, McAfee (Intel Security) and Microsoft, has joined Rostie as a Senior Associate and Executive Recruiter. Craig has been a Senior Sales Leader in the Software industry for over 20 years with a proven track record of building and managing high performing sales teams, developing market engagement strategies and driving exponential growth in dynamic new business environments. Craig brings to Rostie extensive leadership, planning, communication and change management skills, along with a proven reputation for hiring and developing superior talent during his various senior management roles.

Our column, “Let’s talk with the Rostie Group”, features this week, Dr. Micheline Savard.

Our column, “Let’s talk with the Rostie Group”, features this week, Dr. Micheline Savard.

What do you do?

I am a psychologist. I work with couples, adults, and older teenagers. I use a combination of approaches depending on what the person needs and what is compatible for that person. I have been doing this for fifteen years.

What do you find exciting about your work?

The laughter that comes after the tears. The moment of insight; the changes; noticing the changes where somebody is very dissatisfied with their life to feeling lighter and more able to enjoy life and relationships. And for couples the changes from “It is the other person’s fault.” to “we” and enjoying the “we”; the understanding of each other more deeply and savoring and rediscovering what brought them together in the first place and appreciating what they have to offer to each other.

What got you interested in psychology?

There are so many different moments, some funny. I was always more of a listener than a talker. So that was one aspect. But I have this one funny anecdote. I was thirteen and I was at a friend’s cottage. In those days the phone lines were shared; that was very common in cottage country. I picked up the phone and I heard this couple arguing. And there was this moment of silence between them and I said, “I love you.” Their tone changed and both said, “I love you, too.” I often joke that that was my first intervention. Another moment was in my early 20s at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. I stood in front of a painting for a long time. I felt so good. I was thinking, “I want to help people feel good about themselves.” I used to be a systems analyst. I studied computer science because it was easier to get a job even though I always wanted to study psychology. Then I studied painting because I wanted to help people feel good. And I realized through the education process to skip the painting and work with people more directly. I think these were the reasons. Even when I am on a beach I read psychology. It is what I love. It is a passion.


View of the Waterfront

What do people misunderstand about psychologists?

Very often when people outside the counseling relationship find out you are a psychologist they think, “She is going to know all my neurosis”. The process of becoming a psychologist is a process of moving away from judgment. The more you understand the less you judge. They also think because you are a psychologist, you are better than others. We are all human beings; we are not perfect. We [psychologists] are just good at helping people understand what gets in the way, understand themselves better. Outside that we are just like everybody else. We have not all figured it out for ourselves. That is a life long project for everybody.

It is not very common for psychologists to work in business centers. What are the pros and cons?

I chose this place because I want to walk to my office. I feel like I am having a nature walk when I come to work. If you live in this area in a condo, this is the only option. I cannot have a home office because it is not allowed. My office here is not as big as I want it to be. The price would be prohibitive.

But I don’t have to worry about cleaning or safety. Washroom supplies, kitchen are there; nice staff that receives the people I see; nice sitting area; there is the PATH; there is the food court and the bank. It is very convenient. It looks professional. I like that aspect. We are not allowed to have a dual relationship with people we work with [fellow tenants] so that people don’t lose the sense of confidentiality. People on this floor cannot be my clients.

What don’t most people know about you?

Most people don’t know how much I savor [life] from an artistic perspective. I will give you an example. I live near the Harbourfront Centre and I go for walks when it is quiet. I see the most special moments. I remember seeing a woman playing fiddle once. It was a foggy day; I could hear music and see nature in front of us. It was a peaceful moment. Another time, the geese were washing themselves. It looked like they were wearing a skirt with different layers of feather. It was endearing, very unforgettable moment. I also saw a play recently at the Soulpepper. It was a performance entitled Spoon River. It is a celebration of life which says that if your soul is alive, live your life while you are dying. It was beautifully done. It was a lovely piece of performance. I am an artist at heart; a great appreciator of it, too.


Dr. Savard’s Cottage in Quebec

What things do you do for fun?

I like getting together in small groups. I like to have friends over for afternoon teas. It is very special: small portions, cups, very beautiful tables, nice special teas. We sit around a table and we talk. It is fun. I don’t come from that tradition but I like it. I want to create the tradition in my building. I also like to do things that are artful like going to performances. I am a movie buff, too. I like the VIP at Don Mills Cinema. It is a nice luxury experience; it is fun.


What book are you currently reading for pleasure?

When I am not reading psychology books, I read biographies. I love the story of people; what makes them happy what makes them unhappy. It is my own sneaky way of getting psychology. I am reading the biography of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt currently. It tells you about a time in history.

Is there any particular place you go to for vacation repeatedly?

My cottage in Quebec. That is because there is a lot of good food in Quebec. People love eating and there are a lot of small places that are gourmet. My cottage is an hour drive from Quebec City, south east of it. It is on a lake. My grandfather used to own a lot of the land there and a lot of my families on my mother’s side have cottages. It is a place where you can hear the eerie sound of the loon. I stay there for a month every year.

If you could choose one place to live where would it be?

Where I am right now because I have nature in front of me! It is unbelievable the view I have from my place near the Harbourfront Center. Why would I want to be elsewhere? I am surrounded by beauty here. I live in a great city where there is so much happening, where there is nature. That is why I want to be here; because it has everything I need.

What advise do you give people on work-life balance?

Be aware of yourself and increase your awareness through meditation practice. When you listen to your body you know when you are tired. When you are connected to your body you are more grounded and you have better capacity to listen to yourself and others. Find out why your life is out of balance, if you know why, then you will know what you need to do.


Check out Dr. Savard’s website at