4 Tips To Run A Successful Video Meeting

4 Tips To Run A Successful Video Meeting

If you’ve been in business for a while, chances are you’ve participated in, or simply heard about, a meeting, interview, or conference that could have been mistaken for a deleted scene from The Office. Hopefully, for your sake, the disaster wasn’t due to something you said or did.

With the craze of video meetings still all the rage, it’s important to take note of any tips and tricks available to ensure that your next meeting goes without a hitch.

Check out these 4 tips to run a successful video meeting.


I can’t place enough importance on testing your equipment prior to the date of your meeting. The last thing you want to do is download the program you plan on using the morning of your meeting; learning how to use it while you’re in a potentially important meeting is not professional. At the Rostie Group, we always offer to run a test ahead of the meeting date to ensure you have everything under control.


If your meeting is set to start at 2pm, be sure to have everything set up some 15 minutes in advance. It’s always easier to get your set-up out of the way and then go get your coffee or bagel. If you’re ready to go in advance then you don’t run the risk of missing the meeting start time by a couple minutes. Logging into the meeting at the exact time goes a long way when impressing a prospective client or new employer.


Rarely do people mute themselves when they aren’t speaking. Learning how to use the mute button is a great idea if you’re listening to a pitch or participating in a meeting where participants on either end are taking extended times to speak. This provides you the opportunity to discuss with the people on your end without interrupting the speaker, and without giving anything away that might adversely affect negotiations. Also, it’s handy to mute any coughs or sneezes that may have otherwise interrupted someone.


Dress like this meeting wasn’t taking place over video-conference, that truly is the best way to do it. Being over-dressed is always, always, better than being underdressed. Full business outfit, just as if you were in the same room shaking hands with the person on the other end. It’s video after all, made for you both to be seen.


If you’re ready to book your next video meeting, then The Rostie Group has your back. All of our rooms are fully equipped for video, compatible with all major platforms. So just pick a room that fits your attendee size, and book your meeting today.

However, if you are looking for more information about our video meeting services, contact The Rostie Group by e-mailing info@rostiegroup.com or calling (416) 214-1840.