Telephone Answering Services

Any business that aims to succeed has to place the utmost importance on Customer Service. As such, particular attention has to be placed on the first point of contact between clients and your business. More often than not, that first contact is the telephone. A potential client will ring your business to inquire about your services, and they expect a live telephone answering service.

We’ve all been led through giant phone trees with an amount of options that’s seemingly endless. But clients expect to speak to a person, and have their concerns taken care of as quickly as possible.

That’s where the Rostie Group comes in. We offer Live Answering Services as part of our Virtual Packages, or as a stand-alone option.

Telephone Services

Our reception staff will answer all your calls live, meaning that when your clients call, they will hear a real live person waiting to hear their concerns and forward the call to you, or the best suited team member.

You can consider them an extension of your own team, helping you build your business but without the cost associated with running your own front desk team.

Advantages of a Live Answering Service

What can a Live Answering Service do for your business?

Never miss an Opportunity

A live answering service means that when a client is trying to reach you, they will immediately speak to a person and get the information they need. Cost of acquisition for any client is the highest when trying to get them to sign up for your service, so why waste that money by having them go through a complicated phone tree or leaving it on an answering machine that can easily have its messages lost or never checked? Or even worse, when confronted by a machine rather than a person, there is a higher chance that a client may hang up and just call the next company for their needs.

Improved Customer Service

The personal touch is still something that is highly valued. For a client to know they can pick up the phone, and when they call you they will speak to a live person is the best form of customer service you can have. Your clients will feel valued and not just like they’re another number on a spreadsheet when they reach your number.

Remove Distractions

While every call could be a potential new client, they can also be a distraction if they come in often enough. You don’t want to run a business completely from a personal phone because it will leave you very little time to actually get any work done. A live answering service will allow you to offload the bulk of that work to someone who is trained and eager to take it from your hands.

Filter your Calls

Not only can our live receptionists help you reduce your call load and allow you to actually get your work done, but they can also help filter your calls.

Even if you have all your calls set to go to your voicemail, you don’t want to look at your phone and have dozens of missed calls, some from clients, others from salespersons and robots. Going through your messages and seeing half of them are not useful can be disheartening, and eat up valuable time. Let The Rostie Group filter your calls and make sure only the most important ones reach you.

Appearance is Important

A live telephone answering service also adds validity to your business. When a client calls your business, a receptionist answering the phone will give that client a sense of scale. That their time and money investment in your business will be worth it and give them value. With The Rostie Group’s live reception, there is no reason why your small startup business can’t seem as large as all of your competitors.

What you Get

With The Rostie Group’s live answering service, you get a number of extraordinarily useful features to complement your experience:

  • One Less Bill

    Included with our live answering service, you get your own business number, allowing you to start building your own brand identity, right from the first day. Not only will you save on staffing costs for your own receptionists, but you will also save from not having to get your own external number. We can take care of all of it for you in-house.

  • Custom Greetings

    Part of maintaining your own brand identity is the interaction with your clients. With The Rostie Group’s live answering service you can choose your greeting, and our receptionists will answer the call exactly as you want them to. Whether it’s some piece of information, status of services, or simply who to forward the call to, you can rest easy knowing that our receptionists will be an extension of your own business and brand.

  • Port your Existing Number

    Already have a number associated with your brand? No problem! We can port that number for you and allow you to keep using it, while still taking advantage of everything The Rostie Group’s live answering service can do for you. There is no need for confusing updates to your websites, or to make sure every online listing for your business has your updated number. Just port the number and it’s business as usual.

  • 4 Hour Deployment

    That’s right. It only takes a maximum of 4 hours (very often much less time) to get you completely set up and ready to go. Your number can be ready, and calls can start coming in almost immediately. It takes virtually no time for your subscription to pay off, and for you to start getting more client calls, with a higher satisfaction rate.

  • Redirect Phone Numbers

    Have more than one personal line? Maybe you have a business partner and you trade duties with them? Either way, you can change the phone number that our calls will be forwarded to. Either automatically, or manually, our receptionists will make sure that the number your calls reach, is always the correct one.

  • Time of Day

    Maybe you’re available all day, or maybe you’re in and out of meetings for the next week. No matter the case, you can arrange for your calls to either be forwarded to you, or held for messages any time you want. Don’t feel the need to live by a strict schedule, and instead make your own hours and your own rules for your calls.

  • Day and Night Time Greetings

    Don’t feel like you have to choose only one greeting. When you’re available, our receptionists will answer your calls one way and happily forward calls to you. When it’s night time, you can choose a different greeting to allow your clients to still be taken care of, and their concerns managed, until such a time as you can follow up.

  • Sub-accounts

    No man is an island, and that is even more true in business. You may be running the day-to-day activities, but there are people in your organization that may be better suited to handle incoming calls. Perhaps clients need to be forwarded to the sales team. Your marketing people will handle branding and image, and your IT team will handle technical questions. With The Rostie Group’s live answering service, you’ll be able to add or remove sub-accounts from your call list at any time, and ensure the right call gets answered by the right person in your organization.

  • Get notified

    Sometimes you can’t pick up your phone right away, and that’s ok. You can get notified of any impending messages or calls in the way you prefer. You can even set hours for when you don’t want to be notified of any calls, or to redirect them to another member of your team.

  • Retrieve your Messages Anytime

    The Rostie Group’s live answering service allows you to retrieve your phone messages remotely, any time you want. We provide you with a voice mailbox service, that’s active 24 hours/day, 7 days/week messaging storage.

  • Expandable Message Storage

    Sometimes the amount of messages can be overwhelming, or you simply did not have time to receive them and follow up. Not a problem. Our answering service allows you to store as many messages as you need. There is no need to worry about a full mailbox and missing out on important messages that can lead to your largest deals.

  • Phone System Updates

    At The Rostie Group, we strive to always be ahead of the curve on technology. As such, we will continue to update and maintain our phone system, so that you and your clients will always have the best experience. All updates and new features will be part of your subscription, so you don’t have to worry about features locked behind additional fees.

  • Fax Services

    We can also provide you with an inbound fax service number. We can receive your faxes for you, scan them, and email them to you, or have them mailed out via local courier, or international mail services.

All of these settings and more can be changed on-the-fly

  • Change your greeting anytime you want, to reflect your business the way that best suits you

  • Change your phone numbers. Both your incoming phone number, and the phone number that calls are forwarded to.

  • Change your time of day settings to the ones that suit you best. Maybe you don’t want any calls before 12 pm if you’re a night owl, or none after regular business hours. Make the changes for a week, a few days, or even just the next couple of hours.

  • Quickly update and change your team members and their phone numbers. A fast growing organization will have updates to its staffing roster all the time, and you can quickly update the calling list so that your new hires can start receiving calls and providing value immediately.

  • Change your notification settings so you can retrieve messages the way you want them. Even if you just don’t want notifications for the next few hours, or if you aren’t able to reach your email.

Our Live Telephone Answering services are the most competitive

Here at The Rostie Group, we know that what you need for your business is value. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important that you get the best deal possible.

We don’t charge for our services by the day or by the minute. Being successful shouldn’t cost you more, and a growing business shouldn’t be punished for higher call volumes.

One monthly fee covers all of our services, and you can rest easy knowing you won’t see any unexpected costs.

Our Live Reception Services include:

  • Professional Telephone Answering in your Company Name (8:30am – 5:30pm)
  • Telephone hook-up within 4 hours including Phone Number Assignment
  • 24/7 Voicemail Service
  • Unified Messaging – Voice to Email (additional charges apply)
  • The Rostie Group Customer Services Portal Account

So are you ready to take the next step in your growing business? With our live answering service, you can focus on what’s most important: Building your business and growing it. And for every step of that journey, The Rostie Group will be with you, helping and supporting you.

What Industries can take Advantage of a Live Answering Service?

It isn’t just big banks and telephone carriers who have a need for a telephone answering service. Even the smallest businesses from, any industry, can enhance their reputation by having calls answered by a live receptionist.

  • Electrical/Plumbing/Heating/HVAC services can take advantage by having a live reception service take down caller’s details, and quickly message you in order for you to dispatch help and services as quickly as possible. This allows you and your team to stay on the road and on the job, and not have to spend money on an office or quarters to house your reception staff.

    Electrical Plumbing Heating HVAC Live Answering Service
  • IT companies can use our services to help establish a client base, and keep your developers busy and focused as our telephone answering service can pass on the most important details and inform your clients of any outages or affected services.

    IT company Live Answering Service
  • Real Estate managers and Brokers can use a live answering service for your clients to reach you. You’re busy and may not be able to take all of your calls in between client meetings and open-house showings. Our live answering service can forward all your messages to you, to make sure you capitalize on every new lead.

    Real Estate Live Answering Service
  • Manufacturing can use a live answering service to take orders and gauge interest in their products and capabilities. A dedicated factory space running 24/7 is much more profitable if you don’t have to make space for a desk and reception staff.

    Manufacturing Live Answering Service
  • Recruiters live and die by their phones. Every call is an important one, either from clients, new business, or the candidates that you’ve reached out to. A live reception service can take those callers and guide them to the right person, as well as take down their details and forward them to you. You’ll be able to take your calls at your own pace.

    Recruiting Live Answering Service
  • Law firms can also take advantage of live receptionists. Clients of law firms expect a degree of professionalism and reaching a live person when they call demonstrates that. When you’re busy in meetings and have other appointments, a professional trained live receptionist can send you an email with all the details you need to follow up on your calls and demonstrate to your clients the value that your law firm offers.

    Law Firm Live Answering Service
  • Marketing and Promotions companies can use a live answering service to cut down on their costs. Having a mobile, always ready street team is far more valuable than holding property just for a reception desk. Additionally, the explosion of nomadic workers, especially in areas like digital marketing and graphic design have made it easier than ever to have a remote team. You can think of The Rostie Group’s live answering service as just an extension of that remote team.

    Marketing Promotion Live Answering Service
  • Accountants can also use our services to extend their reach to more clients, and receive messages from current ones. At certain times of the year, you’ll be extremely busy and following up with clients may be too time consuming. Make sure you can pass on the information your clients need by getting a live reception service with The Rostie Group.

    Accounting Live Answering Service
  • Fledgling home based businesses can flourish with a live answering service. By allowing our receptionists to answer your phones, you can spend more time on your business, fulfilling orders, and taking advantage of every moment that a home based business provides. Home businesses are often a great way to earn income while being with family and taking time off for the daily aspects of life. We can help facilitate that by also being your front line staff who takes orders for you, while you live and work.

    Home Business Live Answering Service

As you can very well see, live telephone answering services can be used by many industries, far more than we can list here. If you are in any of these industries, or have an idea how we can help your own firm or small business grow, then give us a call and let’s discuss the plans and options that can best suit you.

We can help you with your Canadian and International Expansion

Canadians are very proud of their country, and of our home industries. Many Canadians prefer to shop on, and buy local, from Canadian businesses. This can make it difficult for foreign companies to start their business in Canada.

A live answering service in Canada can help you by giving you access to a Canadian phone number and let your clients know you are here, serving the Canadian market.

Not only that, but we can provide you with a Canadian 1-800 toll free number, which can help you expand your business and give your customers from around the world an economic choice to contact you. No longer will you lose clients to something small like long distance charges when they can reach you at no cost to them.

The Process is Simple

Just sign up online. Or call us or email us with your requirements, and one of our sales reps will reach out to you with our options and packages.

We’ll then create an account for you on our Online Portal, where you can go and make any changes that you need. All our changes can be done on-the-fly and whenever you need them to be done. Anything from adding and removing additional numbers from your account, to changing your available hours, or how and when you’d like to be contacted.

We will also ask you for your preferred greeting. It can range from something informational about your business and your activities, to just a simple “hello” and anything in between.

We’ll need your contact information, as well as all the other sub-accounts that are required on the account.

We’ll also provide you with a local 416 number, and when you activate your service, we’ll activate the number for you.

Additionally, if you have any special requirements, we will ask you for those as well: Anything from how and when you should be contacted, how we should format our emails, who should be reached in case of emergency and anything else you may require.

The entire process will take less than 4 hours, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Get your Live Answering Service with The Rostie Group

If you are ready to save money on staffing and location costs; Want to expand your business and give your clients the best experience when they call in, then it only makes sense to start your telephone answering service plan with The Rostie Group.

We’ve been in the business of growing companies since 1991, and host hundreds of virtual clients who use our answering services, virtual mail plans, offices and meeting rooms. We’ve always kept up with the latest digital innovations, and always do our best to leave all our clients satisfied.

You can click the button below to see our available plans, or use the contact form to reach us for a comprehensive call about how we can help your business become the very best it can be.