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With Contactless Everything,
Why Not Office Reservations?

With Contactless Everything, Why Not Office Reservations? As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses worldwide have had to get creative in supplying clients their products and services. Being productive while retaining a positive client experience, has been the driving force of the creative solutions companies have begun to roll out. The most creative solution […]

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What Is My Small Business Worth? Webinar With Vistance Capital

On Wednesday, July 8th, The Rostie Group had the pleasure of hosting another very successful webinar with guest speaker Daryl Ching, Managing Partner of Vistance Capital Advisory. This 45 minute session, titled What Is My Small Business Worth? which included a 30 minute presentation and a 15 minute Q&A session, provided perfect insight into preparing your […]

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With H1B Visas Suspended, Is Canada the Beneficiary?

  With H1B visas suspended, is Canada the beneficiary? With the recent US announcement suspending H1-B visas, and likely eventually moving towards a more protectionist approach to sourcing employees, Canada surely stands to benefit immensely. While Canadian immigration rules could not in any sense be considered relaxed or easy, there are provisions in place for […]

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#RostieTalks with Daryl Ching, Vistance Capital Advisory

The Rostie Group’s #RostieTalks series is back. Host, Tyler Blackwell, is joined by Daryl Ching, Managing Partner of Vistance Capital Advisory. In this episode, Daryl discuss the process of raising capital for early stage companies, how investors typically view valuation, and his upcoming webinar. The upcoming webinar, What is My Small Business Worth? will go in […]

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Private Offices: The Solution For a Healthy Workplace Return

  Post-Covid workplaces are sure to be different and single-person private offices may be the solution for a healthy workplace return. Where open-plan offices were once coveted, employers are beginning to rethink the layouts of their respective office spaces. To be fair, the trend of having a collaborative space with no closed doors and a […]