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Virtual Offices and Your Post-Pandemic Business Address

  COVID-19 is pushing business operators to start analyzing every dollar spent. Where companies used to occupy large physical footprints spreading across multiple floors of an office tower, the new trend will soon move towards a minimal overhead with employees beginning to work from home more often. What better way to reduce your footprint without […]

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Toronto is Reopening…Cautiously

  It’s post May 24 weekend. Normally, it means that summer has begun. Cottages, patios, parks- the whole Canadian summer experience. Not this year. COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into the works, like it has so many other things. However, we are beginning to see signs of life. Things are, slowly and cautiously, reopening. Which […]

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Sidewalk Labs May be Gone, But Toronto’s Waterfront is Here to Stay

  Sidewalk Labs announced today that it would not be moving forward with its ambitious East Bayfront “smart city” development. Many Torontonians are disappointed by this, but they may not have the full picture. The vast majority of the Toronto Waterfront revitalization projects are being carried out by Waterfront Toronto- not Sidewalk Labs, so there’s […]


Isolation Conversations – Steering Clear Of COVID-19

  Social distancing. Quarantine. COVID-19. These key words will go down in history as the defining catchphrases of 2020. Although these topics are changing the fate of our health, communities, and economy, hearing about them every 10 seconds is not necessary. This is especially true when communicating with your friends and family. We’re all looking […]

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Calling All Essential Workers!

  At The Rostie Group we recognize the importance of having fully-operating essential services made available to society. In a time where the everyday citizen relies on these services for survival, it’s important to ensure that we keep these workers in a clean and safe environment so they can continue to provide these services. Although […]

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Executive Offices, MD

  While the world awaits it’s slow return to normal life, the growing need for health care services which were deemed “non-essential” is starting to mount. The question is – how much longer will we have to wait to get appointments to receive medical attention? Family physicians, albeit an essential service, were forced into a […]

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The Law of Attraction: Shared Offices Bring Your Team Together

  If there is one thing that COVID-19 has taught society, it is to read and react to changes in our lives at the drop of dime. The “social distancing” mandate put in place by our governing bodies, has created a new daily routine where employers and their staff have begun operating companies strictly from […]