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The Benefits of Seasonal Catering
in Business Meetings

  The Benefits of Seasonal Catering in Business Meetings Catering is an important part of any business meeting or event. It can make or break the event, so it’s important to choose a catering company that you can trust. When it comes to business meetings, seasonal catering is a great option. seasonal catering can provide […]

The Importance of Team Building for a Successful Company

  Team building is the practice of bringing these employees together, cultivating strong relationships, and turning them into a cohesive team. It is an important investment in your employees, your team, and your company as a whole. Team building can create stronger connection and collaboration As team members work towards a common goal during team […]

Office 509 Is Now Available!

  Office 509 Is Now Available! Your office space is a reflection of your business – so why not aim for the best? The Rostie Group’s shared offices provide businesses the opportunity to operate on Bay Street for a fraction of the cost. Are you looking for a fresh start in a new space? If […]

Team Space 700 is NOW Available!

  It’s Q1 and you’ve got a fresh start to your year. So, why are you and your team still working at makeshift workspaces in dark, cold, basements? Wouldn’t you rather find a private team space with waterfront views and no long-term commitment? Of course you would! And we’ve got the solution for you on […]

5 Ways you Can Elevate Hybrid Meetings

  5 Ways you Can Elevate Hybrid Meetings Hybrid meetings are here to stay.  Instead of getting flustered by planning them – it’s time to embrace, learn and execute them flawlessly. Here are 5 ways you can elevate your hybrid meetings. Not everyone will be able to make it in person, and that’s OK. You […]

We’re Hiring!
Catering & Hospitality Coordinator

  Catering & Hospitality Coordinator We are a flexible office provider and event venue located in Toronto’s Waterfront neighbourhood. We provide full service executive offices, flexible workspace, virtual offices, meeting and training rooms, as well as hybrid meetings.  At this time, we are seeking a catering and hospitality coordinator to join our growing team. Required […]