Cowork With Us

A happy marriage of modern, independent mobility with all the perks of your own office space.

Choose from Three Different Plans:

The Rostie Group provides the best value when it comes to coworking. We go beyond just a desk space to sit and work at.

  • Access to a Hot Desk Coworking space (Business Hours)
  • Access to the Rostie Group Lounge and Kitchen
  • Access to all secretarial services (additional charges apply)
  • High-Speed Internet connection
  • Use of business services including printer/fax/copier (additional charges apply)
  • Invitations to all social gatherings, events and networking activities
  • Complimentary Coffee
  • 24/7 access to a dedicated Desk in our Coworking Space
  • Access to the Rostie Group Lounge and Kitchen
  • Access to all secretarial services (additional charges apply)
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Use of business services including printer/fax/copier/admin (additional charges apply)
  • Invitations to all social gatherings, events and networking activities
  • Complimentary Coffee
  • 30% Off Meeting Room rates, including 8 free hours of small Meeting Room usage per month
  • 20 Bay St. business address with mail handling and Reception Services
  • Access to a phone at your dedicated desk
  • Access to a Locking File Cabinet
  • Access to an Interior Office (Business Hours)
  • Access to the Rostie Group Lounge and Kitchen
  • Access to all secretarial services (additional charges apply)
  • High-Speed Internet connection
  • Use of business services including printer/fax/copier (additional charges apply)
  • Invitations to all social gatherings, events and networking activities
  • Complimentary Coffee

Perfect for Start-ups and Everyone Else!

Any size company can benefit from flexible, low-cost workspace solutions that don’t require a long-term commitment. Above and beyond the scope of traditional business incubators, our Coworking spaces aren’t just for startups with high-growth potential.

Social Spaces

Coworking spaces are more than just a place to work. They have become synonymous with startups and growing companies, as well as being places for professionals to meet and share ideas. Coworking allows for fledgling and established companies to view how other firms work, and to adopt ideas and take advice from these other firms.

It is the “co” in Coworking that is the focus of these spaces and at The Rostie Group we have strived to maintain and grow those very ideas. You’ll find less ping pong and more recruiters, salespersons, developers and other professionals at our Coworking desks. But they are all similarly welcoming of new ideas and new personalities.

So skip the coffee shop, and find a coworking spot at The Rostie Group. You won’t regret it.

Advantages of Coworking


Some days we all feel like we should just work from home. That getting up out of bed, getting dressed and dealing with the commute just to be stressed just isn’t worth it. Assuming that you’re in a position where you can work from home, that’s a healthy way to spend a day, while still being productive.

However, that is not sustainable for the long term. Working from home for long periods of time can reduce effectiveness, and make you less productive. The familiar surroundings and constant distractions will be a detriment in the long term.

Avoid Loneliness

Work alone, but not separately. That is the core of a coworking space. Whether you work in a private office, at home, or in a coffee shop, those locations can start feeling isolating after some time. There is a feeling of separation that occurs when you don’t go out to socialize.

When you’re working a full 8 hour shift at home it’s very likely that you will just stay home after and going to the local coffee shop stops making much sense once the staff give you looks when you use their Wi-Fi for hours and you just bought a small coffee.

In the Rostie Group Coworking space we try to foster relationships between all our community members. We have several social gatherings and networking events to make sure that you don’t feel isolated from the professionals who work alongside you.


The old adage of “it’s not what you know, but who you know” still lives on today. As we become better connected through social media, it is imperative to continue to interact with people offline as well. It can help you push your business forward and connect with those who are in a position to help you fulfill your agenda.

Coworking spaces have evolved into a modern networking event where an ever-revolving door of new entrepreneurs and coworkers can deliver the opportunity to meet new colleagues that could provide your startup or established business with possibilities that would not be made available at a traditional office, and definitely not from a home office.


With a coworking space, you don’t have to feel like you’re trapped into a long term lease. Starting a business is difficult, and a financial drain. Issues with investors and bank loans can cause your business’ cash flow to be unstable during its growth stages. Nothing is worse than reaching the end of the month and having to make a choice between payroll and rent.

A coworking space can help ease those financial burdens by removing the commitment from them. You can rent space on a daily, or monthly basis, at a much lower rate than an office lease would cost you. Additionally, coworking comes with amenities such as Internet and even free coffee. The little things that you may not think at first you’ll need, but once are up and running, they are nickel and diming you into bankruptcy.

Grow Your Business Faster

With a financial burdens removed or outright eliminated, a coworking space can help accelerate your business to the next level by saving money that can be reinvested directly into your business.

Additionally, coworking spaces are perfect to meet other business owners, get tips from them on how to grow and discover what has worked and not worked for them, not to mention they are potential clients as well, you may be offering just the product/service they need to take their own businesses further.

There is also an abundance of freelancers and other skilled workers in coworking spaces. They may just have the knowledge or skills that you need and you may just be meeting your next employees.

Work Possibilities

If you’re a freelancer or a gig worker, a coworking space may help you find more work or even shift to an established company.

The amount of startups from all areas of business that congregate in coworking spaces will provide ample opportunity to not only try to find work, but to provide your skills and services that may be required.

Instead of constantly hunting online or relying on word of mouth for jobs that could be on the other side of the planet, dealing with not only time zones and language barriers, you’ll have a change for repeat business from someone who works three desks down from you.


To output creativity one must input creativity. There is nothing more creative than seeing workers around you dealing with their own challenges on a day-to-day business. A coworking space is the perfect place to see that in action.

In most startups everyone wears many hats and with original product and service ideas come unique and interesting challenges.

It is seeing that creativity go on around you, how heads come together to solve problems and create something great that will engage your own creativity and lead you to your own next step.


Many business owners will look around and be unable to find someone who “gets it”, someone who has been there or is currently going through the same challenges that they are and It can be disheartening. Nothing is more appreciated than a good soundboard that can listen, understand, and provide good advice.

A coworking space is filled exactly with those people, business owners who know and understand what a challenge building a business can be.

Coworking spaces lend themselves to creating a community of workers and companies that all support each other and help each other grow.

Better Internet Connection

If you’re working from home, you may often be frustrated with your slow Internet connection. It is a consumer grade connection, and prone to failing more often than a business line. It may be fine to stream Netflix and post on Social Media. But you really need to have it be 100% reliable when transferring several gigabytes worth of project files to your clients.

At The Rostie Group, we have the fastest business grade Internet connections, and our IT team is dedicated to making sure that it functions perfectly when you need it.

A coworking space pays for itself very quickly once you realize that a steady and reliable Internet connection is the best tool you can have, something that neither your home office nor a local café can offer you.

Reduce Commute

At The Rostie Group, we made sure that our location was vital, and perfect, for our coworking space. While the setup for a coworking space can be done anywhere, they are at their best when they are accessible.

A coworking space will allow you to reduce both yours and your employee’s commutes by having a premier space in the heart of downtown, or near transit locations. Most offices for growing startup companies are located far out of residential areas. A large city like Toronto with a growing tech scene makes it difficult if not outright impossible to find affordable office space in the downtown core.

We are located just steps away from Union station, connected to the PATH, and have several transit options close to us. It is a premier location for an affordable rate.

Hit the Ground Running

One of the challenges of starting any business is when you can actually start it. You’ll have to not only find the space you need, but also set it up, hire employees, have all operations in place and then finally start.

A coworking space can help you cut down on all that. The space is already set up, internet is working, and your telephones can be set up in just a few hours.

You can even come in and look for people to hire, even if just giving gig workers a few assignments.

Support for Growth

At The Rostie Group, it isn’t enough to just find you a place to work. We want your company to grow and succeed because that is the only way that we can succeed as well.

We’ve been open since 1994 and have seen companies rise and fall around us in those 25+ years in business. We know what it takes to grow, and we know how we can help you.

Today, it’s just one or two coworking desks, tomorrow we can provide live answering services and package mailing and receiving when your business starts to grow. The day after is a private office for your staff, and regular use of our meeting rooms as you find yourself in need of a place to meet with your next investors and discuss future deals.

We will be there for you every step of the way, and it starts with just finding one coworking spot to set your computer down and get to work.

What is Coworking?

Coworking is more than just a place. It’s more than just a desk and a phone and a laptop. It’s a community.

It’s a place where workers from all walks of life can come together both to work and to socialize. CEOs of major companies who are starting their next venture could be working next to Interns who are fresh out of school and ready to take on the world.

Startups with millions of dollars in investments can be situated directly across established companies that prefer to stay small and agile and provide a good living for their workers.

While there is definitely a lean towards startups and tech workers in coworking spaces that isn’t to say that they are the only type of people you’ll meet. Here at The Rostie Group for example, you have stock brokers, recruiters, developers, sales persons and freelancers of all sorts of different industries.

More importantly coworking is an atmosphere. And not every space may be right for you. The right mix of people and location, or even the colour the walls are painted may not appeal to you and that’s ok.

It’s all about finding a space where you fit in and that suits you best. The Rostie Group is always aiming to be that place.

Coworking is networking, at work. It is the opportunity to meet people from other firms and businesses, doing things and tackling challenges that you may have never seen or may still see. It is learning how others see and do things, and to grow from that.

Coworking is an experience and one that may only be temporary for some people and more permanent for others. Regardless, it’s one we wouldn’t trade for anything else and we hope you won’t either.

Who can best use Coworking Spaces?

Ready for the Best Coworking Space in Toronto?

A coworking space does not need to be all ping pong tables and all day free beer. It can also be professional, with people from all ages and all walks of life.

For those who are looking for a coworking space that stands out from the pack try The Rostie Group. We offer coworking desks, meeting rooms for any size group, live phone answering services, package receiving and forwarding, as well as private offices. Everything you need for every step of your new growing business. Send us a message today and ask us how we can help your business grow and succeed.