We’re Hiring!

We're hiring

We are a premiere business centre located in Toronto’s hottest market, the new “South Core”, and a provider of full service executive offices, team rooms, office rentals, teleconferencing facilities, meeting rooms, training areas, boardrooms and virtual offices.

At this time, we are seeking a Customer Service Representative/Administrative Assistant to join our growing team.Candidates must have a professional demeanor and enjoy working with people as this position requires you to be at the front lines and the face of the business.

Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) are an absolute must!

We have an exceptionally busy, cooperative work environment and candidates must be willing to learn and assist where/as needed.

This position will interact with every department/group within our organization.  Duties will include, but are not limited to:  reception – greeting tenants and clients – answering phones; assisting with meeting room and event set-ups/break-down; mail sorting, and responding to email inquiries.

Candidates living in the downtown core and holding a college diploma or university degree will be given preference.

If interested please contact Pam Inglis:
Email: pinglis@rostie.com
Tel: 416-777-0780

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Spring 2018 is Here!

Spring Has Officially Sprung In Toronto!

And it’s only the last week in April…

Despite what Naysayers (and in this case the naysayers are the weather people) may say, The Rostie Group is declaring that Spring is Here!

With the sun shining and the heat finally reaching the city, we’ve decided to decorate the offices with daffodils. We have a lot of exciting things happening at The Rostie Group this season we cant wait to share it with you all.

Also keeping in mind the month of April is Canada’s National Cancer Society month- any proceeds raised during this month helps people living with cancer and their families. For more information on how you can donate visit

We also want to wish the Toronto Maple Leafs the best of luck in their game tonight, Go LeafsGo!!

The Great Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Who doesn’t love Free Chocolate?

March the 28th at WaterPark Place, we got to experience the Great Easter Egg Hunt. Hunting down the eggs and following the clues led us on a hunt that explored the building.

And of course, if you found all 12 eggs, you won some free chocolate!


If you’re still hunting for those eggs, we have some hints here for you!

And congrats to our winner!

Easter Egg Hunt Winner


We’d like to thank Oxford Properties for setting this up for us here at WaterPark Place!

Come enjoy Harbour Eats Marketplace on the PATH

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 Located in Toronto’s bustling waterfront, there is never a shortage of exceptional amenities for you and your clients. With spacious cafeterias, restaurant options and proximity to Maple Leaf Square, you can ensure that there is always something new to explore. Connected to the most southern part of the PATH system, the South Financial Core is one of the most convenient
locations from Union Station. Never having to walk outside makes the location the most quick and easy commute from the station and the most stress-free part of your day.

With the newly added Harbour Eats food court in 1 York, the possibilities continue to grow in our business community for you and your colleagues to experience top-notch amenities. With a variety of tastes and food options, there’s something for everyone. This modern and inviting marketplace will keep you visiting again and again. Come check it out for yourself and experience even more executive services in our waterfront work community.

Visit mercatino-fresh.com/harbour-eats

Spotlight: Self-care

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As we approach the New Year, it is important to reflect on personal maintenance – how we take care of ourselves, mind, body and spirit. Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily grind that we don’t take the time to focus on what’s most important; our own well-being. Life is hectic. There is a lot that can be said about our modern lifestyles and the stress that can develop in most of them. We have all experienced situations where we’ve felt overcome by everything we need to accomplish and not enough hours in a day to achieve them. We’ve all pushed ourselves too far at some point, be it for the sake of a job, a project or assignment, or even our families. Whatever lifestyle you lead, we all know it and we’ve all felt it.

The problems come when life gets too hectic for us to maintain a balance of the different areas in our lives, perhaps when we start foregoing things we do for ourselves because you need to do something for others instead. This becomes an issue when we start putting our own well being aside for longer periods of time. When we do this, and our own mental or physical health starts deteriorating, we are not being our best selves. The care we give or the work we do, suffers for it. What this essentially means is, when you are not taking proper care of yourself, you are not taking proper care of your responsibilities either.

Recognise that sometimes we must forego some things to achieve a greater goal, but this should only be acceptable for a set amount of time. Often what happens is we get to that goal, but then another task pops up, and we stretch ourselves a little thinner for a little longer. Suddenly we’re not just missing out on that visit to the gym or rain-checking a time to catch up with friends, we stop having time for dinner with the family and sleep has been reduced to 4 hours a night. When was the last time you did something enjoyable, just for the sake of your own happiness and sanity? When was the last time you put something aside to give yourself a moment of clarity?

Some people are better at handling this stress than others. It is a growing trend that some companies are better at promoting self-care than others; encouraging working from home and taking mental health days to recharge our minds. We could all use a reminder every once in a while. Your most important asset is YOU, and taking care of your most valuable asset is imperative. This coming year, take some time to reflect on your health, your priorities and set yourself up for a healthy and productive 2018.

by Therese Mikalsen

Rostie & Associates: Recruitment Specialists

Rostie & Associates Inc. was formed in Toronto and incorporated in Boston, to service the recruitment demand for highly skilled professionals, as companies positioned themselves to succeed in a new global IT environment. For the North American hi-tech marketplace our staffing professionals provide expertise in recruiting for progressive careers in the computer industry.

Visit Rostie.com to learn about exciting new career opportunities and how our recruiters can help you find the perfect high-tech position.

Toronto’s Premier Business Centre – Testimonials

We at The Rostie Group take customer service very seriously. A successful business meeting for you means we have done all we can to provide your company with everything you need to best present yourself in the most professional way. We firmly believe in collaboration with our tenants and clients and we continue to improve our facilities and work with our customers to solidify ourselves as Toronto’s Premier Business Centre.

Still not convinced? Visit torontomeetings.com today and book a tour of our facilities and see for yourself what separates us from other business centres.


The Rostie Group Provides the most convenient access and executive facilities of any Business Centre in Toronto

Aside from being Toronto’s most executive Business Centre, we also provide our clients and tenants with the easiest route to and from our WaterPark Place building. We make your meetings and office spaces the most conveniently accessible for our customers.

The PATH (which is a series of indoor walkways that connect many of Toronto’s large business facilities and condos in the South Core) is a convenient means of getting to our location without ever having to step outside. This sought after connection provides our customers with the ability to travel through our pristine facilities to get to our Business Centre; located at 20 Bay st. With winter quickly approaching, this is something that people often take for granted but we are pleased to showcase this as it is a great feature for those who are coming into downtown core of the city via train or subway from the Union GO Station.

Here at The Rostie Group we are more than happy to offer Waterfront accommodations to our clients without the Waterfront chill that comes when Toronto’s winter months arrive.

With a wide variety of food and restaurant options, both in our lobby and with PATH connection to Maple Leafs Square, there is never a shortage of options to enjoy a meal or entertain a client while never having to throw on your winter coat. We have easy connections to the Air Canada Centre as well if you plan on catching a game or concert after the work day.

Come explore for yourself the benefits of hosting your next meeting in Toronto’s thriving Financial South Core and see the difference our premier facilities can deliver compared to other meeting room spaces in Toronto. We offer a vast array of services including

  • Everything from day offices to meeting rooms fully furnished and available at any notice.
  • Committed specialist support from any of our teams (catering, IT support etc).
  • Fully furnished Team Space. Your entire company can find a home in the Rostie Group.
  • Rostie Group meeting rooms, voice over IP, videoconferencing, full service kitchen and business lounge all available at or for preferred rates.
  • Open, shared, or private workspace with secure access.

Visit rostiegroup.com today and experience the difference