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On May 17th, from 10am to 5pm, Cribcut will be setting up a pop-up here in The Rostie Group and providing FREE haircuts.

Cribcut is a mobile hair salon where you can book a haircut, and they will come to you. We think that our community members will absolutely love Cribcut.

For this pop-up day, there will be time for about 20 bookings, so book early and book fast!

To book your appointment, please visit and use the promo code “rostie” at checkout.

Things to note:

1. A credit card is required to reserve a booking, however, when using the promo code “rostie”, you will get a 100% discount code.

2. The tipping feature will ask for a percentage of the total cost, in this case however, it will be $0. We ask that you still please tip the stylists whatever you feel is appropriate for their services.