Disaster Recovery with the Rostie Group

The world is in a peculiar place. Whether it is changing weather patterns or a growing population, we find ourselves more and more vulnerable to natural disasters and furthermore, new health scares.

Needless to say, you should probably plan for a disaster.

There is a growing global trend of companies spreading their workforce out, thus eliminating any risk of having the entirety of their operations affected. Whether it is an enterprise corporation or a ten person executive staffing firm, risk management is becoming a top priority for the health of stable businesses.

So STOP! If your current lease is up, or you have an upcoming renewal, now is the time to reconsider moving to a flexible option. With a looming viral outbreak, having the ability to choose the best course of action has never been so important. After all, why lock yourself in to a long term commitment?

It’s time to make The Rostie Group a part of your disaster plan.

Rostie Group Coworking

If you find that your needs during this disaster period are more transitional, and you only need the occasional desk to operate your business, then coworking with The Rostie Group is the solution you’re looking for. With the flexibility to reserve desks by the day, week, or month, The Rostie Group offers a clean and professional atmosphere to work without distractions.

Rostie Group Offices

If on the other hand, you need more permanent space for you and your team, then maybe a dedicated office is the better choice.

If your current office space is under repair, being renovated, or is quarantined due to an emergency, you’ll need to find a space where you and your team can get set up and resume operations quickly. There is no better place than The Rostie Group. Our fully furnished executive offices and team spaces will be sure to meet the needs of a team of any size. With flexible leasing terms, you’ll have relief of knowing that you’re not handcuffed to any long term commitments.

Rostie Group Virtual Offices

However, you may find that a physical space isn’t quite what you’re looking for.

Depending on your company size and industry, you may choose to allow your team members to work entirely remotely. It’s a great solution that can prevent health concerns and can prove to be a boon to your team’s productivity. The Rostie Group offers a variety of Virtual Service Plans fit for companies of all sizes. We’ll collect and forward your mail, provide professional live reception services, and even provide you with a place to work when you absolutely need a work station.

If your office lease is coming up for renewal, take advantage of moving your employees to a work from home and use The Rostie Group for your Address and place to meet and add subtract as needed. No one knows how long the corona virus is going to go on for. Hence do not get stuck.

Rostie Group Meeting Rooms

But what about when you have to meet clients in person?

Although working remotely can be a quick solution for your business, there are still times your team, and your clients, will want to meet face-to-face. With 9 meeting rooms of a variety of capacities, the Rostie Group is THE place to have those meetings. Our professional meeting spaces, outfitted with the latest technology, will provide the perfect setting for team meetings, hosting clients, or holding training sessions.

With full video conferencing solutions, which supports ZOOM, WebEx and Skype For Business built in to every room, we enable all your employees and potential global clients to tune in to your meeting from anywhere in the world.

Our conveniently located, PATH accessible office is just steps from Union station, making it easy for all your attendees to travel to.

As you see, The Rostie Group is the perfect partner for your disaster recovery plan. We cover all of the essentials that you need to make sure your business not only continues operations, but also thrives under the most difficult conditions.

For more information as to how we may be able to service your company during these uncertain times, feel free to contact us by clicking here or call us at 416-214-1840.