Enterprise Offices and Their Next Big (Flexible) Decision

Enterprise Companies and Their Next Big (Flexible) Decision

Enterprise companies around the world are navigating the (hopeful) end to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on their daily operations.  Key decisions such as staffing, health and safety and day to day operations have been at the forefront of their daily meetings, but none of these compare to the decisions needed to be made on physical footprints and office space.

With nearly knee-jerk reactions, the majority of the global workspace was sent home with little to no preparation as to what tomorrow would hold.  Computers, monitors, printers and other office equipment were swept from offices and would be relocated to make-shift home offices.

Now, two years into the pandemic, these home offices have served as the lifeline to the daily operations of companies in all industries.

But, as cases continue to decline, the discussion regarding employees returning to the workplace (at least in a part-time capacity) and where that workplace will be is at the top of every CEO’s to-do list.

Do they continue to let their workforce stay home? Do they re-enter their old office (if they still have one)? Or do they look at new flexible solutions that they otherwise would have never considered?

Check out the 5 main features that are leading enterprise level companies to explore the flexible office setting instead of their traditional multiple-floor offices.


When looking for office space for your company, you probably look for several thousand square feet, right? Corridors alone take up 30% of the area you’d lease in a traditional office.  Traditional office space models dictate 2,600 to 3,600 square feet for a team of ten people. Only 1,000 square feet of that space is actually used to work.  You need room for the kitchen/break room, reception desk and waiting area, washrooms, and corridors. That much space adds up, quickly.  Why pay for space that you don’t use?  With flexible offices, your per square foot cost will be significantly higher. However, you’re not paying for hallways, reception staff, or any of the other parts of the office that make it more than a desk and a chair.  But for a team of any size, especially teams under 50 people, your total costs will be much lower.

Access to Amenities

A good office has great amenities, right?  It’s a key component in attracting top talent to your firm, especially if you’re a startup. But good amenities require a large budget.  Employee lounges, meeting and training rooms, art, and more – they add up quickly. Not to mention the headache of hiring an office manager, an event planner, and reception staff.  Flexible offices include all that, while still being significantly more cost effective than traditional space.  We plan networking events, we handle the maintenance of your offices, we ensure that everything is clean. We ensure the community lounge is well stocked. Worry less with flexible offices.

Turn-Key Spaces

There’s nothing better than moving into a space and NOTHING needs to be done.  This is the case when leasing a built-to-spec office at a shared space provider.  Everything including: office furniture, videoconference technology, 80″ LED TV’s, décor, internet, phones, reception services, meeting and training spaces, mail delivery, printing and scanning and cleaning services are all ready and arranged for you the minute you arrive.  With the simplicity of only having to bring your cell phone and laptop to the office and nothing more, these turn-key options are ideal for corporations who are seeking the new “hybrid” work schedules.

Flexible Terms

A very attractive feature when making these types of decisions is the flexibility that shared offices provide.  Long gone are the days of securing multiple floors with ten- and twenty-year lease terms.  As opposed to looking deep into the future, corporations are now focusing on the present and what is needed NOW.  Shared office spaces provide companies the ability to sign leases for their desired time frame. Whether it be month to month, 6 months, 1 year or beyond, the negotiating power is now in the hands of the tenant – something that hasn’t been the case for some time.  With a high level of uncertainty engulfing the world and the structure of business, this is surely something that could make a decision easier.


Making your office feel like your office is paramount.  With flexible offices, you have the ability to do just that, without thousands (or millions) of dollars being spent to do it.  Paint the walls you company colours, put up a large logo or quotes of your company goals and culture.  Making sure that your space is branded properly will help enhance and motivate you and your team, while making them feel right at home.


This OfficeNetwork article is the perfect case study of how a flexible office solution can not only save money and provide amenities, but produce a turnkey option with full branding – everything that a company is looking for.

The Rostie Group provides all of these features.

Our team spaces, which feature 6-foot socially-distanced work spaces, internal executive offices, and meeting rooms, will prove to be the cost-effective solution that your relocating company is looking for.

With flexible terms, all-inclusive lease rates, branded offices, networking opportunities, access to meeting and training rooms, and fully serviced amenities, The Rostie Group can provide solutions for companies in any industry.

These thoroughly cleaned and daily-disinfected spaces can be rented out by the day, week, month, or year.

Additional services such as printing and scanning, mail services, access to meeting rooms, video meeting access with lake or city views, fully serviced kitchen and much more, will make your workday much easier to navigate through.

We also boast the largest number of training rooms among all of the shared office providers in the city. With spaces fit for 10 to 100 attendees, you can be sure that all training can be done just steps from your office door.

These spaces, which include wall to wall white boards, 80″ LED TV’s, state-of-the-art videoconference technology, an extensive catering menu and customizable room layouts, will prove beneficial to ensuring your team run a productive training session.

Our PATH accessible facility which is just steps to Union Station is one of the most desirable locations in the city.

With inexpensive prices, this is the perfect option for those who are searching for a flexible team space solution.

For more information on our team spaces, visit www.rostiegroup.com, email info@rostiegroup.com or call 416-214-1840 or 1-800-648-1840.

We look forward to being your next enterprise office provider.