Enterprise Level Workspace

It isn’t just Small Business and Startups that can take advantage of the services that The Rostie Group offers.

Every company, regardless of size can be found here, using our shared workspaces, coworking desks, private offices, team rooms and meeting rooms.

How can Enterprise Businesses benefit from using Rostie Group services?

Rostie Group Enterprise Buildings

Exceptional Offices and Workspace

Enterprise Offices and Their Next Big (Flexible) Decision

Attract Top Talent

When you’re a global enterprise, you’re in a constant cycle against your major competitors. Therefore it’s imperative that you have a presence everywhere in the world, so you can attract the best talent. You know that if you can’t provide them with the perks and requisites that they need, your competition will snap them up.

That’s where the Rostie Group Offices for Enterprise come in. We are located just steps away from Union station, making it easy for workers from anywhere in the city to reach their office. Time spent commuting is time that can be better utilized being productive, so having an easy to access office is one of the better investments you can make.


Additionally, turnover can be difficult to handle. If you invest in your own building, it’s set up for a certain number of seats. Adding more workers for a project can make it difficult for all your workers to feel comfortable, and may lead to thoughts of being “invaded”, which can cause your top performers to leave your firm. Concurrently, if a project concludes, and some of your workers leave, you’re wasting money on empty real estate. Your costs per employee rise if you have empty seats.

At The Rostie Group, we can help you handle your turnover. We have offices that can fit any team size. So if you’re at a point where you need to grow, we’ll have the space for the additional team members. If you need to downsize, we can help by placing you in a more intimate space until you bring in new hires.

Outside Contractors

When working on special projects, you may have an influx of new hires. These are people from outside of the organization brought on specifically for this project. It may be difficult to find them a place in your existing offices. They’re set for a certain capacity, and you may not be able to go over. Additionally, bringing in so many outside contractors at once can present risks in the form of security issues and information leaks. As such, it may not be best to have them in your own offices.

The Rostie Group can help you set up a remote or satellite office for all those outside contractors you’ll need on your project. We can help you set up your own network, connect to your own servers and VPN, to ensure that the same data protection that you spend so much on for your own buildings remains intact.

Full Communications

When setting up external offices, there is a feeling that the remote team may be “disconnected” from the rest of business. This can cause communication breakdowns or cost you valuable time which can lead to loss of efficiency, costing you money.

There is nothing like having your team just down the hall, and being able to go for a quick chat, which is why we want that feeling to be replicated here at The Rostie Group.

Our offices all come fully equipped with personal desk phones, all with their own customizable numbers and extensions, so all of your hires can be reached at anytime.

Our offices also have Polycom speakerphones, allowing you to speak with the entire team at once. These powerful phones fill the room with sound, and their microphones can pick up everyone, so you know everyone can be heard and can hear you.

We’ve also recently introduced our video bars. The Rostie Group offices are also equipped with full video capabilities. Whether you use Zoom, Skype, GotoMeeting, Google Hangouts, Webex or any other number of video meeting platforms, you can be sure that it will work with out video bars. Take a look at the full details of our video bars and how they function by clicking here.

The Rostie Group offices for Enterprise are in the best location, and have the best technology to keep your team happy and working hard, while providing the most flexible options, all to help you continue to grow your bottom line.

Rostie Group Meeting Rooms for Enterprise Level Companies

Space is at a premium. Commercial real estate continues rising in price everywhere globally, but especially in world-class cities like Toronto.

With that in mind, any space can be used as an additional workspace. You can place a desk in any corner, or use the space for small amenities to make your workplace more attractive and welcoming. Having large empty rooms with seemingly no function just for the occasional meeting doesn’t make sense. It’s simply wasted space.

Furthermore, the modern worker doesn’t want to spend time on meetings, and often times designated meeting rooms become a place for workers to have lunch or use as storage.

However, meetings are necessary. It is important that they are held, not only between the workers, but by between management and C-level Executives.

The Rostie Group is the solution. Our meeting rooms are designed from the ground up to be the perfect space for any group to meet. Lavishly decorated and equipped with the newest and most powerful technology, your meeting will run smoothly and be as productive as possible.

From a small group of C-level Executives, to a larger town hall meeting, all are possible in our rooms. And of course, all of our meeting rooms are fully catered with delicious food that will help keep your breaks to a minimum, allowing for every minute spent in one of our rooms to be used efficiently.

Our state-of-the-art videoconferencing system allows you to use any video conferencing solution you may already employ, or we can easily set you up with a guest account. If you have distributed teams that you have to connect and have regular meetings with, this is the best solution available.

The Rostie Group is perfectly positioned to be the meeting room provider of choice in your Enterprise Business strategy.

See our Rooms

Rostie Group Atlantic Meeting Room 01
Rostie Group Baltic Meeting Room Page main Image
Rostie Group Caspian Meeting Room 01
Rostie Group Mediterranean Meeting Room Image 06
Rostie Group Pacific Meeting Room Lecture Style

Rostie Group Coworking for Enterprise

  • 24/7 access to a dedicated Desk in our Coworking Space

  • Access to the Rostie Group Lounge and Kitchen

  • Access to all secretarial services (additional charges apply)

  • Hi-speed Internet connection

  • Use of business services including printer/fax/copier/admin (additional charges apply)

  • Invitations to all social gatherings, events and networking activities

  • Complimentary Coffee

  • 30% Off Meeting Room rates, including 8 free hours of small Meeting Room usage per month

  • 20 Bay St. business address with mail handling and Reception Services

  • Access to a phone at your dedicated desk

  • Access to a Locked File Cabinet upon Request

  • Discounted TriFit gym membership for WaterPark Place (tenants only)

The way that people work is changing. From open floor offices to remote work and coworking desks, it can be difficult to decide how you should set up your new office.

Cost is another issue: setting up a new office, or even finding extra space for new and temporary workers can be costly in terms of lost productivity time.

The Rostie Group can help Enterprise by solving these issues:

Our coworking space is already set up perfectly for the future of work. Your employees will be comfortable and productive in our Sales Hub, THE place where business grows.

It’s also extremely affordable with one of the best rates in the city for our location. Less than five minutes away from Union Station and connected via the PATH,

The Rostie Group is extremely easy to get to for anyone who commutes into the city everyday, allowing you to seek talent from further away.

More importantly, we can help you scale up. If you only need a few new desks for new employees and trainees, we have them available. And if you need a large number of desks for a temporary or permanent move, then we will find space for your entire company as well. They can be set up and ready to work in just a few hours, meaning your new employees can be immediately begin to be productive.

Rostie Group Virtual Offices for Enterprise

Virtual Offices are not just for small companies. Even the largest companies in the world need virtual services.

But why would the largest corporations in the world not just set up their own headquarters and hire their own people?

  • Expansion
    Reason 1 is expansion: A way to feel out the area and business potential before investing in growth.

  • Cost
    Reason 2 is cost: Why go all in and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars before being certain that the next move is the best move.

  • Scalability
    Reason 3 is scalability: Setting up your own presence, getting an office and hiring people all come at both a monetary, and time expense. Unless you have the best forecasting, you may find yourself quickly having to change locations, due to either rent, or talent reasons.

A Virtual Office with The Rostie Group solves those issues by being an extension of your business. We can grow with you, no matter where you go, our virtual services will stay active. You can also start and stop your services anytime, so if your new growth doesn’t work out, or if you find yourself expanding permanently, you can stop our services with no issues.

Our virtual services are also affordable, making them ideal for a low cost/low risk expansion strategy into a new territory.

See Available Packages

Rostie Group Events for Enterprise

All of our office tenants get an allotment of meeting room hours, as well as discounts in our larger meeting spaces. Your team can take their time to discuss strategy and direction without distraction.

But how else can you take advantage of our discounted meeting rooms?

The Rostie Group can help you plan and execute large events for your employees, customers, and friends. We can provide the space, help you plan, and cater your event to make sure all your guests have the best experience.

Whether you want to hold an event, training or classes, we can provide you with the offices you need for your team, as well as the resources to make your event a success.

All of our spaces can be catered to, meaning that your guests won’t have to go hungry during long training sessions, and we handle all the ordering, setup, and clean up. All you have to do is pick from our menu of delicious food, and let us take care of the rest.

See our Catering Menu

Rostie Group Caspian Meeting Room 01

These are just some of the types of events we can help you plan and execute here at The Rostie Group:

The Rostie Group for Enterprise

As you can plainly see, The Rostie Group has a lot to offer Enterprise. Just as much, if not more than the small businesses and startups we have on our building.

Our location on Bay street means you’re just steps away from Union station, as well as on the premier Canadian business address.

Our flexibility can make it easy for your business to expand as needed, as your global sales and profits increase.

Finally, our offices and meeting rooms are decorated on the same level that you may decorate your “C” level staff offices, and have all the necessary equipment for you to reach all your employees worldwide.

Contact us today with any and all of your requirements, and let us tell you just what The Rostie Group can do for your Enterprise.