Evening & Weekend Meetings

Sometimes, business hours just aren’t enough to get everything done. That’s why here at The Rostie Group, we’ve always made sure to be available when you are. Our meeting rooms are available to book on evenings and weekends, as well as any other time that you need them.

Whether you are running night classes, evening training sessions, a weekend meeting, or need to connect with someone on the opposite coast, we are available 24 hours for you.

Our beautifully furnished spaces, which include industry leading technology can be booked anytime after hours, on evenings and weekends.

The Rostie Group has you covered, even after hours.

    Reach anyone from coast-to-coast with our video technology

    How could your industry benefit from after hours meetings?

    • Training – after hours training rooms are an excellent way to get higher attendance for your courses from students who work regular hours.

    • Classrooms – evening and weekend classes are an excellent way to upskill workers to make sure they’re ready for the next phase in their careers.

    • Legal Professionals – after hours meetings for legal professionals are the best way to to prepare for upcoming work. Additionally, our video meeting equipment allows for legal procedures to be conducted online, cutting expensive travel time.

    • Recruiters – can use our weekend meeting rooms to connect with more potential candidates, when they can devote their time and attention. Our video equipment also allows for weekend and evening video calls to candidates from around the world.

    • Human Resources Professionals – HR can use our after hours meeting space to help train new hires as well as conducting outplacement interviews.

    • Marketing Research – marketing research groups can use our weekend meeting rooms to run focus groups of varying sizes, even having individual work rooms in order to gather information on different products and services.

    • Unions – our evening meeting space is the perfect place for after work union meetings.

    • Associations – associations of any type can use our after hours meeting rooms in order to convene in a professional atmosphere where members will be able to speak and hear each other. Using our video calling technology, they can even broadcast their meeting to online attendees.

    • Sales – when you’re selling worldwide, you need to be available to your clients at anytime. The Rostie Group weekend and evening rooms are the perfect place to hold your sales meetings, both with your visiting clients, and your online clients via video technology. You can also host your after hours sales kick-off meetings with your team from around the world!

    • International Business – The world doesn’t run on 9-5. Your local time may not match your clients’ but that’s no excuse to not be available for them. With The Rostie Group’s after hours meeting room, you can be there for them, anytime. In person, or online via our video call technology.