Happiness at Coworking Space


The fact is, if you work a traditional 9-5 job, you will spend 2080 hours at work each year, or 260 days going to work. That’s 71% of the year. Needless to say, it’s important to get along with and enjoy time spent with your coworkers.

According to a recent poll published by Barclays, getting along with colleagues scored as the top reason for happiness at work.

Happiness and sociability at work matters for many reasons. First, it’s good for business. Happy people are better workers. Those who are engaged with their jobs and colleagues work harder, smarter, more creatively, and are better problem solvers

Second, it’s good for the individual. Being happier and more social at work is linked to better health and well-being, and faster career advancement. You’ll also be considered more likeable and trustworthy by your colleagues. 

So how can you get to know your colleagues? 

In short,  push yourself to meet new people, and don’t be afraid to say hi first. You can break the ice by smiling warmly and asking them how they’re doing. Invite your colleagues to have lunch with you, talk about news you’ve heard, tell a funny joke, share a story, or ask them for advice on some ideas you’ve had. Let coworkers know what hobbies you’re interested in, and conversely ask them about what they’re interested in. You might have more in common than you know.

One interesting way to become closer with someone is to work through a popular list of 36 questions. They were created by psychologist Arthur Aron, designed to accelerate the process of two strangers becoming closer. The idea is that when we are vulnerable with one another, those moments are when we bond and create closeness.

For the questions, visit: https://ggia.berkeley.edu/practice/36_questions_for_increasing_closeness

If you’re looking to foster great relationships, you might want to try a coworking space, or shared office space. Here at The Rostie Group, we offer both of those, and more! 

If you’re self employed or usually work from home, it may be beneficial to work in a shared space every so often. There are lots of opportunities to meet new people, and create those social bonds that keep you happy. At The Rostie Group, we have a shared lounge & kitchen, complimentary coffee, wifi, and reception service. We also have many different companies working under our roof, all with very interesting characters to meet and network with.

Hopefully you’ve been able to take away something from this blog post. Now get out there, get social, and go get happy!