Happy Pride Month

All of us at The Rostie Group would like to send out a big “Happy Pride Month” to our friends, family, and clients around the globe!

No matter who you are or who you love BE LOUD AND BE PROUD!!!

Normally, everyone would be getting their glad rags ready and preparing for a moth-long party but, unfortunately, we’re still in the grips of COVID-19.  But, don’t feel you’re going to miss out, Pride Month is still happening, albeit a bit differently this year.

While there will be no parades or parties with big groups of friends, you can still get your party on – virtually!

There are all sort s of exciting, digital events happening around the globe. Here in Toronto you can find a list of online events at Virtual Pride 2020.

And while Toronto is justifiably proud of their Pride Parade, New York City is known for having one of the largest parades in the world and they’re not letting you down this year either.

You can attend their virtual parade!

You can find details in Oprah Magazine which has a list of virtual events going on all around the world including Cincinnati Black Pride, Global Pride, and Beyond the Shelter, an organization supporting homeless LGBTQ+ youth.

And don’t forget to check out Toronto’s ever popular Trans and Dyke marches.

While Pride has become an amazing, global party, we should never forget the suffering and abuse that our LGBTQ+ friends and families were subjected to due to prejudice and intolerance.  Please take a moment to read about the history of Pride Month and why these celebrations are so important.

Remember to stay safe, keep social distancing, and have an amazing Pride Month!