Do you ever find that the work week just isn’t long enough?

Although it’s a sad reality, it’s something that many companies face.

Business is booming, and your mind is in 100 different places. You’d like to be able to sit down for a meeting with your colleagues, but fear that any lost time will only set you back further.

We know the feeling, which is why we’ve created a solution to help with your growing needs.

The Rostie Group is proud to announce that we’re now open on weekends!

Whether it is a small or large meeting, town hall announcement, training workshop, interview, or video call halfway around the world, The Rostie Group’s fully furnished meeting and training spaces will prove to be a great fit for your after-hours needs.

With amenities such as: Free Wi-Fi, LED TV’s for presentations, Video conference capabilities, Customizable layouts, Whiteboards and much more, we’re confident that all of your meeting and training requirements will be met.

Why let all of these extra curricular events eat away your valuable work week? It’s time to start focusing this time on your clients and workload, and leave the weekends for training, interviewing and meetings.

This concept is especially important if you have a workforce that is located across the city, country or even around the globe. There’s nothing worse than trying to get everyone together in one place. Now, with the flexibility to host these sessions on the weekend, you have the ability to avoid everyone’s conflicting schedules and get the most out of your time together.

If you’d like to learn more about how The Rostie Group may be able to service your weekend meeting and training room needs, please contact our Meetings Team at or call 416 214 1840.