Social distancing. Quarantine. COVID-19.

These key words will go down in history as the defining catchphrases of 2020.

Although these topics are changing the fate of our health, communities, and economy, hearing about them every 10 seconds is not necessary.

This is especially true when communicating with your friends and family.

We’re all looking to share what we’ve recently read, heard, or seen, which leads to hours of conversation that can be quite taxing on one’s emotions.

But what else is there to talk about? The weather? What you’re watching on Netflix?

Here are a few activities you can do that will put something other than COVID-19 at the forefront of your conversation.

Play Games Virtually

Games are great.  They occupy time, bring people together, and take your mind off the stressful realities of our current everyday life.   With the incorporation of ZOOM and other virtual meeting platforms, playing games while in isolation has never been so easy.

Some suggested games would be Jackbox Games, online card games on, Xbox One or Play Station 4, or using the various different mobile apps like Scrabble or Yahtzee.

Virtual Book Club

Not a game person? Don’t worry, there’s one in every family. But for those looking for a more intellectual way of spending their time, perhaps start a book club?

With the ability to purchase both new and old books digitally using the KOBO app, there’s no shortage of the number of selections you could make for your Friday night virtual get-togethers.

Not only does it provide a fresh conversation piece, it also keeps your brain active while your body isn’t.

Virtual Work Outs

Speaking of keeping your body active – Are you looking to share time with your friends, but want to do some physical activity?  Virtual work outs have become quite popular since the world went into full-shut down.

Various fitness studios worldwide have migrated from in-person classes to a newer virtual delivery that is accessible on Instagram Live as well as YouTube.  This is a great way for you and your gym-buddies to stay active while stuck at home.  The best part is that many are being offered for free.

This list could go on forever. The important thing is to spend time doing something that you truly enjoy and won’t feel bogged down talking about.

While times are difficult, you don’t need to be reminded of it 24/7.