Podcast at The Rostie Group

Joe Rogan. Spittin’ Chiclets. The Daily.

What do all of these have in common? From a first glance, one would question just that. However, those who are plugged in to the world of Podcasting know that these are some of the most popular and informative podcasts in the world.

Podcasting has become one of the central focuses of communication for many topics including: culture, sports, news, fiction, comedy, education, and most importantly, business.

You can find a podcast on nearly any topic you’re interested in. Best of all, is there are typically multiple podcast shows for each of these topics, which allows the listener the luxury of finding a host they truly connect with.

This intimate platform presents an inexpensive way of communicating more frequently to a niche audience, with focus on specific topics within your industry.

So what stops you from creating the next great podcast? The answer is, well…nothing.

This Forbes article Want To Be Heard points out 11 crucial tips for starting your own podcast. With pointers such as identifying your niche to using the right gear to record, this one stop article is sure to assist with any individual who is contemplating starting the next best podcast.

At The Rostie Group, we’ve caught on to the latest trend and are happy to announce our new #RostiePodcasts services. Our fully soundproofed Mediterranean room is the perfect setting to record your next episode. With services such as the room rental, professional recording equipment, an on-site audio engineer and post mixing, The Rostie Group will provide a finished product that will be ready to be shared with the world.

For more information about your next podcast recording, please contact our Meetings Team by clicking here or call 416 214 1840 or visit The Rostie Group.