Let our clients services team be your client services team.


Let our client services team be your client services team.

Both myself, and Kerri are happily employed at The Rostie Group, but we also work for over 150 companies on a daily basis.

How, you ask?

The Rostie Group operates one of the most successful workspaces in Toronto. Our services range from physical offices and team spaces, dedicated co-working desks, daily meeting rooms and virtual office services.

This means that not only do we offer a full range of client services to our own team and the companies we have on the floor, but also to our many virtual clients worldwide.

We’ve provided support to many of our clients during these troubling times, as physically coming into the office is proving to be a real challenge. Unfortunately, this is especially important as human interaction is not encouraged at the moment.

We provide daily mail and courier services, as well as live reception and clerical services for the majority of our clients, making their lives a bit safer by cutting out unnecessary travel.

Even though we’re not interacting in-person, our online interaction has fostered a strong professional relationship and dare I even say friendship, with a wide variety of our clients from various industries. This alone makes me confident that The Rostie Group is just a bit more personable than many of the other professional office providers in this city.

This McKinsey and Company article makes for an interesting read about strengthening client relationships during the pandemic. I believe we at The Rostie Group have successfully adopted this practice for the entirety of our client’s time away from the office.

So, if like so many other businesses globally, you and your team have embraced the work-from-home model for the time being and are struggling without your own client services, consider letting us be your Client Service representatives!

Contact the The Rostie Group to find out more about how we can add value to your business’s daily operations and let us make your life that much easier with our professional client services.

Let our client services team be your client services team.

You can guarantee you will always get more than 100% effort, attention, and care coming from our client service representative team!

For more information about our services, please email info@rostiegroup.com or call 416-214-1840.


-Laura Gibbon, Client Services, The Rostie Group