Live Reception Services... That Are Automated?

Live Reception Services… That Are Automated?

“Hello, you’ve reached ABC company, press 1 for sales, press 2 for human resources, press 3 for shipping and receiving, press 4 for more options.”

Is there anything more annoying than going through a cluster of tedious number pressing, only to find out that you’re never going to speak to someone live who can assist you?

Then why are you paying for that computerized service for your business?

Live receptionists are supposed to be just that; live. A real person. Someone you can speak to in real-time.

Any business that aims to succeed has to place the utmost importance on customer service. As such, particular attention has to be placed on the first point of contact between clients and your business.

More often than not, that first contact is a telephone call.

Live Reception Services... That Are Automated?Potential clients will call your business inquiring about a product or service and their initial experience can have a large impact on whether they become a converted client.

This article focusing on the importance of the first call from a customer, outlines the key points to a successful first impression for clients when they dial your business. It also provides detailed tips for improved customer service and effective call handling.

So, how can you ensure you’re providing this exceptional experience?

The answer is simple, live receptionists greeting your clients with professional answering services.

We’ve all been led through these automated phone trees with a seemingly endless amount of options.

But, clients expect to speak to a live person to have their questions or concerns taken care of as quickly as possible. Creating a series of obstacles is the perfect recipe for losing business before you’ve even communicated with the client.

This is especially important for businesses who don’t have a physical space which a client can visit in person. If you’re restricting this first contact to a telephone call, you’d best ensure your communications are well planned out.

This article points out 5 specific reasons why you should consider using virtual live reception services. With benefits such as cutting costs on salaries, adding a professional appearance, and guaranteeing exceptional customer service, it almost seems like a no brainer for businesses both large and small.

Are you ready to make this kind of change to your business? That’s where The Rostie Group comes in.

Live Reception Services... That Are Automated?We offer Live Answering Services as part of our various Virtual Office Packages or as a stand-alone option.

Our highly trained reception team will provide the professional experience you’re seeking for your business. This means that when your clients call, they will be greeted by a live person who is waiting to assist. Once greeting the client, we will forward the call to your best suited team member.

In addition to greeting your client, we also provide you with a sought after (416) phone number to help solidify your competitive position in the downtown Toronto market.

Call screening, message taking, meeting scheduling, and general assistance are all ways we can help aid the professional operation of your business.

You’ll have the confidence in knowing that the first contact with your client is well managed and can consider The Rostie Group reception team as an extension of your own workforce.

If you are looking to add a reliable and professional live reception service to your business, contact The Rostie Group by calling (416) 214-1840.

Stop paying for automated reception services.

At The Rostie Group, we’ll put a little bit of life back in to your business, one call at a time.