About Our Serviced Office Space

Furnished and Serviced Office and Team Space

Here at the Rostie Group we pride ourselves in being able to provide quality and affordable office and team space for rent. Whether you need an office to have a meeting within 20 minutes, are looking for a place to work daily, or need you need space for your entire company, The Rostie Group prides itself in having everything you need to succeed. Sporting a wide array of complimentary services, The Rostie Group is pleased to offer an efficient alternative to traditional office space.

Some of the amenities of Rostie Group include:

  • Everything from day offices to meeting rooms fully furnished and available at any notice.
  • Committed specialist support from any of our teams (catering, IT support etc).
  • Fully furnished Team Space. Your entire company can find a home in the Rostie Group.
  • Rostie Group meeting rooms, voice over IP, videoconferencing, full service kitchen and business lounge all available at or for preferred rates.
  • Open, shared, or private workspace with secure access.

Stay ahead of the curve with the Rostie Group! Be able to adapt quickly and professionally by taking up offices in a state of the art facility like the Rostie Group at 20 Bay Street, Toronto, Canada.

Call 1-800-648-1840 or email us today and take your company to the next level with The Rostie Group.

What is a Serviced Office?

When starting a new business one of the first items that you have to consider is location. Not only the demographical area where you’ll be selling your new product or service but the physical location where you and your employees will be working.

In a perfect world you’d be able to succeed anywhere. Any location would be equal to any other. Failing that you’d be able to find affordable office space for your growing company in any city or town, being able to take advantage of the local market.

As you know we do not live in a perfect world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it easier on you.

A serviced office is a term that encompasses many aspects.

  • A serviced office is a fully furnished and “ready-to-go” space. This means that moving in is easier, since you don’t have to find furniture or wait for it to be delivered, assemble it, etc. It is ready for you. Additionally, many serviced offices can be customized for the number of employees you have, desks can be added or removed as needed.
  • A serviced office is also about the utilities that come included. Lighting, heating, internet, water, and many more are bills that stack up and you may have to pay for as part of your rent. These are all included in a serviced office.
  • A serviced office is about the included services. Often serviced offices are located in business centers that also provide meeting rooms, coworking desks and other amenities.

What are the Advantages of a Serviced Office?

Fully Furnished

Serviced Offices are fully furnished. Meaning that from the date you move in you already have all the desks and chairs you need. Additionally, items like meeting room tables, filing cabinets and more can all be added or are already included.

This allows you to be ready to go very quickly and not have to source your own equipment.

However, you may do so if you desire, here at The Rostie Group, we would never stop you from getting your own equipment if you prefer it. We understand that choices in furniture can be very personal, and while we make our best efforts to only use the best quality office furniture, if you find you’d prefer to procure your own, you’re more than welcome to do so.


One of the greatest advantages of a serviced office is the included amenities.

Unless setting up a new office space is something you do very often, it’s easy to forget some of the most basic details. You have hired all the developers you need but who’s going to clean the bathroom?

Here is a quick list of items that a serviced office can provide, that otherwise you’d have to find your own suppliers and providers for:

  • Internet – To get any type of work done, you’ll need a fast internet connection. This is something that can cost a significant amount of money. A serviced office with The Rostie Group will include super fast business class internet. One major expense off your mind.
  • Telephone – Working from a personal mobile device may be something you’re willing to do, but not everyone in your staff should. In particular, if you do a lot of calling, local and long distance, mobile carrier plans may not always provide enough minutes, and cause you to incur massive phone bills. At The Rostie Group, we provide you with telephones at your desk for you and your employees, saving you another large expense.
  • Bathrooms – It may be the first thing on your mind, or the last, but having clean, ready to use, well stocked and supplied bathrooms may be one of the most important parts of your business. All the raises, incentives, perks, and vacation time in the world can’t help you hire or retain employees if your bathroom is a mess.
  • Cleaning – Not only do the bathrooms in your office have to be clean, but so does the rest of the office. While all staff can pitch in and keep the place in good condition, there will eventually be messes, spills, and just overrun garbage. Are you going to ask your marketing people to do a garbage run? Cleaning services can be costly, and there is always risk of theft of private information. With a serviced office from The Rostie Group, you won’t have to worry about who does the clean up, because we will take care of it.
  • Kitchen – Another item to keep on top of and keep stocked is the kitchen. You might be in luck and find an office in an area close to several restaurants and your staff may be able to eat out. But you’ll need to provide an area for them to bring lunch. A meeting room is better used to meet with clients than for staff to have lunch breaks. Additionally, you’ll have to provide them with running water and a sink, keep it stocked with cleaning supplies maybe even a dishwasher. One more expense that getting a serviced office from The Rostie Group can help you with.

Flexible Lease Terms

A serviced office is perfect for both startups and established companies that are looking to expand. Lease terms are more flexible than with standard offices, allowing companies to test markets, or rapidly grow without a long term commitment.

At The Rostie Group we work with you to make sure that our terms fit yours and that you never feel trapped by a lease.

Minimize Downtime

If you’re starting a new company, or even moving to a new space, either downsizing or growing, a serviced office is the best choice to avoid downtime. Being fully furnished and internet ready, there will be nothing to stop you from continuing your operations as usual.

Nothing can be more disruptive than having your office or business “closed” for the potential weeks it may take for you to find a new space. With The Rostie Group, you can have your number and mailing address changed in just a matter of hours, and we will be more than happy to help you continue your business.

Access to New Markets

Expanding into a new market is always a risky proposition. You have to be familiar with the local culture, and the local laws. Sometimes the challenge is how to market your current product or service to the local populace, or even introducing a new category.

Regardless, depending on your business, you may need physical space. Somewhere at least for your sales persons and local management staff to gather so you can communicate with them.

That’s how a serviced office can help. The lower barrier to entry that a local serviced office provides makes it the ideal base to test your expansion, with minimal commitment and lower costs.

No Building Maintenance

Building maintenance is often another of those items that are often overlooked but can quickly become a large expense. Anything from doors getting slammed into walls, portraits being hung and then falling, painting, remodeling, and even normal wear and tear are all part of maintenance that has to be kept up with. You may have the biggest and best building in the city, but if left to decay, you’ll quickly have little left.

A serviced office held by a provider like The Rostie Group further reduces your costs by being in charge of building maintenance. If something breaks or just needs to be repaired, we will be the ones to take care of it. You can continue working and not worrying about costs associated with regular wear and tear or accidental damage.

Private Meeting Spaces

Regardless of the size of your firm, there is some information that has to be kept private. Whether it is proprietary technology, customer data or even sales numbers that are not for prying eyes.

A serviced office with The Rostie Group can help with that. Many of our private office spaces have attached small meeting rooms for you and your team. If that isn’t sufficiently large, then we also have executive meeting rooms where you can meet with your clients in luxury and comfort. As office tenants, you’ll even get an allowance of free meeting room hours.

Reception Services

Another expense that you may not consider is your reception staff. If your business is the type to receive clients and customers regularly, then you’ll require a front desk and staff that is trained and willing to help them, even offering water and coffee to those who come in to your business.

A serviced office with The Rostie Group provides just that; Trained reception staff with a comfortable waiting area to receive your clients. They’ll be pampered and offered coffee while you prepare to meet them either privately in your office, or in one of our meeting rooms.

The first impression matters, make sure you make the right to your clients.

Live Telephone Answering

Another often overlooked cost is telephone answering. You can have all the calls forwarded to your personal mobile device, or even one of our office phones but there is a certain positive impression that live telephone answering leaves on client’s minds.

Not only do we answer calls for our serviced office tenants but we also make sure that the calls are quality before we pass them on, transferring only the most important ones, and filtering out low quality and distracting calls that can impede your work and make you less productive.

Mail Receiving and Forwarding

Like with telephone answering, having someone to handle your mail and packages is crucial. You’ll want to make sure that your mail is handled carefully, and in a timely manner.

Keeping track of several courier services, how much they cost, how long they’ll take to ship, and what is their pickup and delivery times can be exhausting. That’s just one of the tasks you’d need to hire an office manager for.

A serviced office with The Rostie Group eliminates the need for that. We will handle your mail receiving and shipping for you, so you can focus on running your business.


In a privately owned office, you’ll have your space where you and member of your staff will gather to discuss your business. 4
What you’ll be missing is a valuable outside view of your business and products. A good way to avoid groupthink is to ask someone who has an office on the same floor as you what they think. Take a little time to review each other’s products and services, and give an honest opinion as an outsider looking in.

The serviced office model also allows you to build your business further. When networking with other business owners, you may find they are just in need of your service.

They may be eager to sign up, and get in on the ground floor. You’ll be able to work with them to build the type of features that they need, and build your product that way, with an actual user, sitting in the office down the hall.

At The Rostie Group, we often take the time to have networking parties and meet and greets so that all of our coworking, virtual and serviced office clients can help each other grow and succeed.

A Premier Bay Street Address

Good locations are hard to find, especially in crowded cities. They are premier locations for a reason, and both costs and competition are extremely high.

The Rostie Group is located on Bay Street, a premier address known internationally as Toronto’s financial district. Major companies like RBC, Microsoft, VMware and more are all located here, and we are right in the middle of them.

Getting a serviced office with The Rostie Group means you will have a Bay Street address as well. Your firm will be located amongst some of the largest and most well known companies in the world.

Benefits of Waterpark Place

Have you been to Waterpark Place? Located on 20 Bay Street, it is our own home address. You really should come in for a tour.

Having a serviced office with The Rostie Group will give you the same 20 Bay Street address, and you’ll be located in fabulous Waterpark Place managed by Oxford Properties.

  • Waterpark Place is PATH connected, meaning you can go from Union Station all the way to your office desk without ever stepping foot outside. A great advantage in our cold winters and hot summers. And of course, going through the PATH means that you’re also connected to the Scotiabank Arena, and can go from the office to a game and run right back in.You can also take advantage of all the other PATH connected amenities and businesses, which are growing and opening every day.
  • Waterpark Place also has Waterpark Athletics by Trifit. An all-inclusive centre which features a large group exercise studio with vaulted ceilings, full schedule of classes including Yoga, Zumba, Kickboxing and others, fitness cardio and strength equipment, free weight area, Change rooms with showers and lockers, and towel service. All for only $40/month.
  • Waterpark Place also features a completely renovated food court, with both a Tim Horton’s and a Starbucks for those early morning cravings. It also features an array of different food vendors, and being PATH connected means you can go anywhere for even more choice.
  • Being so close to RBC, Waterpark Place has one of the largest business RBC branches around.
  • If you are in a rush to go to an event, but need your clothes in the best shape, Waterpark Place has a Dry Cleaner on the floor. Just take the elevator down, walk a few and drop off the clothes you need cleaned. It’s easy and convenient.
  • Finding parking downtown can be both difficult and expensive. Waterpark Place has 3 levels of parking, all underground and covered for your clients to come in and not worry about finding a place to park.
  • For the environmentally minded, Waterpark Place also has bicycle parking available. You won’t need to bring your bike into your office, taking up precious space, just to make sure it isn’t tampered with. It can be easily and safely stored in the building.
  • Being a modern building, Waterpark Place is of course completely accessible to those with any disability. The building has street level access, and all doors from the outside and the 3 parking levels are automated with push button and movement sensor triggers.
  • As part of The Rostie Group’s service, you have 24/7 access to your own office, anytime you need to come in and get some work done it will be ready for you. Likewise, Waterpark Place has 24/7 Security, so you can be sure that any time you come in to work on your business, that you, along with any of your important documents and property are safe and secure.

The Rostie Group has Private Offices, Team Rooms, and more!

Regardless of the size of your organization, everyone can find a home at The Rostie Group.

Our serviced office range in size from private one and two person offices, where you can quietly and comfortably work on your business, and see it grow before your eyes, to team rooms that fit over 20 people. Perfect for large organizations that have large marketing teams or developer teams that can work remotely, but still need a shared space to develop and work on new ideas.

For us, there is nothing that brings us greater satisfaction than seeing your business grow from a smaller room, to upgrading to one of our largest rooms, when your team finally gets to the point that you need the bigger space. It means that you’re succeeding, and that we are succeeding in providing you with the environment that is leading to that success.

Serviced Offices Specialists Since 1994

The Rostie Group was established in 1994 to provide business people with the option of smaller, more manageable space. Today we are considered one of the most respected providers of serviced office space in the Greater Toronto Area. We maintain this reputation by focusing on what is most important to our clients: customer satisfaction, cutting edge technology and flexibility.

Professionally trained staff at The Rostie Group’s Business Centre deals with each of our clients on an individual basis. We help minimize your costs without diminishing the quality of your business. The support staff is committed to service excellence. We look forward to providing you with first class professional support.

If you feel like you’re ready to take the next step, take a look at our available office (link) or just give us a call at 1-800-648-1840 or email us and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need for you to make the best and most informed decision.