corporate meetings

Meetings can be difficult, people often find them time-consuming, uninteresting and sometimes downright unnecessary. That’s why picking the right location is crucial to your corporate meeting’s success. You want to keep your attendees engaged and excited to be a part of the meeting, so having a proper conference room is key. Here at The Rostie Group, we have a variety of rooms, outfitted with the latest technology, to help you run your meetings without a hitch.

When selecting your corporate meeting room, it’s important to pick a space that properly reflects the size of your group and the objectives of your meeting in the first place. You will need to know how many people will be attending the event, and what kind of seating arrangement is required. We can help with this, setting you up in the perfect room for your group’s size, and arranging the room to best fit your meeting. Whether your corporate meeting is classroom, boardroom or seminar style, or anything in between, we will work with you to arrange the room appropriately and effectively. With 8 rooms ranging in capacity from 4 to 100 people, we have got you covered.

All of our rooms come with built-in presentation equipment, including 80” HD TV’s, as well as white boards, flipcharts and courtesy telephones. Additionally, we proudly offer free Wi-Fi and full tech support to all of our meeting room attendees. We live in a fully connected world and believe that everyone visiting our centre deserves full connectivity to work as effectively as possible.

We recently updated our meeting rooms with state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment to help you connect with colleagues and clients across the world, who couldn’t make the meeting in person. The rooms have been outfitted with Polycom Studio video bars that will pick up and follow whoever is presenting and focus in on them, capturing the attention of your remote attendees. The equipment is compatible with Zoom, Skype, WebEx, Google Hangouts and many others.

We also offer a comprehensive catering menu for our meeting attendees, allowing you to focus on your corporate meeting and not have to worry about where and when you’ll get your lunch from. Our menu includes gluten-free and vegetarian options as well as an assortment of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options all delivered directly to your meeting room. We bring your meals to you and clean them up after you so that you can focus on what you’re here for, your meeting. We also deliver all of our leftover food to The Yonge Street Mission to help those in need.

Whether you’re hosting a small boardroom meeting or presenting a lecture to 50 people, we’ll help you arrange the perfect corporate meeting from start to finish. We’ll work with you to pick the perfect location, setup, and menu, allowing you to focus exclusively on running your meeting.