Podcasting services at The Rostie Group

The Rostie Group continuously strives to be the destination for tech-savvy entrepreneurs and enterprise companies around the world.

Not only have we added state-of-the-art video equipment to our meeting spaces, but we have now gone a step further and added podcasting services into our newly designed Mediterranean room.

Rostie Group Podcasting Services image 02
Podcasting Table and Room at the Rostie Group

The Mediterranean room has the unique ability to double as both a meeting room, while also providing a quite place where you an take an hour to decompress. This newly renovated, sound-proofed space is ideal for meditation, mediation, video meetings, and podcasting.

With the ability to fit up to ten people, there is more than enough space to accommodate yourself, your host, and any guests you may have. Additionally, access to meeting video equipment makes it easy to extend your podcast from audio, to a video format.

For more information on our Podcast services please call us at 416-214-1840 or contact us by clicking here.

Starting a podcast can be difficult and time consuming, which is why at The Rostie Group we’ve got you covered.