Searching for the Path Forward


We’re all searching for the path forward, but the world of uncertainty may soon have a bit of clarity.

As provinces begin to roll out their plans for reintegration into society, one question remains.

Will the world return to the place where we left it in mid-March?

For the sake of humanity, I sure hope not.

Although this strange period of time has presented a number of obstacles that we as a society have had to overcome, it’s easy to forget some of the lessons we’ve been forced to learn, and quickly.

Yes – we’ve been stuck in our houses for nearly three months and we haven’t been able to interact with friends, family, or coworkers for what seems like an eternity. Businesses are suffering, we wait in lines to go to grocery stores, and wear masks and gloves as though we’re prepping to perform surgery. But, there is a silver lining to all of this madness.

Let me explain.

If there’s anything that we’ve garnered from this time off, it is to slow down and appreciate life and what we DO have, as opposed to what’s been taken from us.

People are using technology like Zoom or FaceTime to communicate with each other.  Where a text message or an email used to suffice, we’ve added an element of face to face communication that was otherwise being lost with every day.  We complain about a lack of interaction, but were we really being held back from it or were we simply choosing not to do it?

Families learned to cook their own meals instead of relying on fast food or ready-made options that were quick and convenient. Meals that we used to try to fit into our lives are now the focal point of how we organize our days. New ideas, creations, and recipes are being attempted (as proven by the flour shortage we experienced early into this pandemic).

We’ve also learned to pass time in a more creative way.  Where we used to sit for hours on our phones, scrolling social media and watching YouTube videos, we’re now taking advantage of the outdoors.  Going for walks, building gardens in our backyards, and teaching our children about all the world has to offer outside of an internet connection have proven to bring families closer than they’ve been in a few decades.

Lastly, we’ve been taught the danger of spreading germs. Where we used to say “yup, there’s something going around” we’re now conscious of public health and safety. We’re now aware of our previous missteps that were otherwise overlooked for the sake of convenience. COVID-19, although devastating on a macro level, has educated us in a further effort in preventing the next global outbreak.

Yes – being in quarantine has been tough for everyone. But, if we look at the positives that have come as a result of it, I think we can all agree that going back to the “old norm” is not something that we should be looking forward to.

That path forward is beginning to look brighter than ever and we at The Rostie Group couldn’t be happier.