The Rostie Group’s #RostieTalks series is back.

Host, Tyler Blackwell, is joined by Daryl Ching, Managing Partner of Vistance Capital Advisory.

In this episode, Daryl discuss the process of raising capital for early stage companies, how investors typically view valuation, and his upcoming webinar.

The upcoming webinar, What is My Small Business Worth? will go in depth on the various criteria set by investors, and how to ensure your business plan, investor presentation and financial projections need to be completed to tick all the right boxes to ensure your best chance of getting an investment and at the right valuation.

This informative session will be sure to educate small business owners who are looking to raise capital, merge with another company, or sell their business.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, July 8th @ 11am and is FREE to join.

To register for this ZOOM webinar PLEASE CLICK HERE.

More information about the webinar can be found on the Vistance Capital Advisory Facebook Page & Vistance Capital Advisory LinkedIn Page.

Thank you Daryl, for taking the time to join us.

We look forward to the webinar.