Satellite Campuses: The Future of Learning


Satellite Campuses: The Future of Learning

COVID-19 has changed few sectors in Canada as much as it has changed the education sector. Universities and Colleges have had to come up with creative solutions to maintain enrolment and quality of education for their students. 

However, new admissions are down. With the lack of especially lucrative international students (due primarily to travel restrictions), post-secondary institutions will have to think outside the box to continue to grow. 

Graduate programs are some of the most affected by the pandemic, and have seen enrolment numbers plummet across the country. 

In Canada, most universities and colleges are located outside of major metropolitan areas. With the need for flexibility and the rise of the hybrid classroom model, these institutions now have a historic opportunity to attract new students.

Satellite Campuses: The Future of LearningThey no longer need to run graduate programs entirely at their main campuses.

This means that rural or small-town universities can compete with larger urban universities, in the very urban centres that their former undergraduates moved to. 

Universities can now compete on price and educational quality much more than before – campus location is no longer a deciding factor for graduate programs. 

However, just because your main campus’ location isn’t important anymore, it doesn’t mean that location has lost all meaning. Good graduate programs will have to maintain some sort of physical presence.

Online schooling may be all the rage these days, but there’s a reason why The University of Phoenix is regarded by no one as a top tier school – some aspects of learning require genuine face-to-face interaction.

But, with all of the logistics that go into opening a new urban campus, how can these universities possibly establish themselves while also focusing on the everyday operations at their main campus?

We have a solution for this problem: Turnkey satellite campuses.

The Rostie Group offers full satellite campus packages  which include space for program administration, state of the art classrooms (which are fully equipped with videoconferencing equipment for hosting hybrid classes) and on-site study spaces for students.

Satellite Campuses: The Future of Learning

Additional services include: printing and scanning, mail services, access to breakout rooms, a fitness facility, fully serviced kitchen and much more.

We handle the maintenance, the cleaning, the phone calls, and every other aspect that makes opening a new campus both expensive and time-consuming.

Our PATH accessible facility which is in close proximity to Union Station is one of the most desirable locations in the city.

Take advantage of the times by getting ahead of the curve. Don’t wait till it’s too late, launch your new downtown campus today.

For more information on our satellite campus services, visit, email or call 416 214 1840.