Serviced Offices & Why You Still Need Them

Serviced Offices & Why You Still Need Them

Covid, covid, covid…not in the history of the world has one word meant so much to so many people.

As a result of the crippling pandemic, the world seemingly stopped at a moments notice.

But, did it really?

Although the daily lives of the everyday worker were drastically changed, business continued on and it will continue to do so as we edge closer to beating the virus and returning to a new form of normalcy.

However, we’re in a very progressive time in business.  There is more emphasis being put on health and safety, saving money, and adapting to the digital world that is being thrust at us quicker than ever imagined.

But, with all of that, there remains one constant.  Employees need a safe, secure and reliable, place to work as our home offices just aren’t cutting it.

Find out why securing your new office space is more critical than ever.

Flexible Leases

According to Skyline Offices, companies are now more than ever seeking shorter term office leases as they emerge from COVID-19. This provides the necessary flexibility for businesses with rapidly changing requirements. Why lock in to a 10 year lease when you don’t have to? Securing a lease by the month, six month or full year allows for better planning and the ability to make adjustments as needed.

Cutting Costs

Although the cost of a serviced office may seem higher, you get far more bang for your buck.  In addition to the physical space you are renting, features such as video meeting equipment, kitchen amenities, cleaning, copiers, internet, phones, meeting rooms and even staff are available when you need them. This all-in model will surely assist in your efforts to monitor your bottom line.

No Downtime

When you rent your own office space, there is a long set up period with installation and decoration required. This can also be quite expensive and often results in costs that cannot be recuperated.  In a serviced office, you bypass this setup period by moving straight into an office which is already prepared for you. After all, time equals money.

Cleaning & Maintenance

So who cleans your office when you rent your own premises? With the emphasis of providing a clean, safe and disinfected workspace for employees to return to is at the top of every companies list of things to do.  In a serviced office space, you can be confident that extra care is being put into the cleaning and maintenance of your office and communal areas. Why spend extra time and extra money bringing in someone to provide a cleaning service that we already include.


Renting your own premises comes with the extra cost of staffing it. You’ll need a receptionist, technical staff, janitorial team, etc. Serviced offices strive to have the best staff and technology to ensure that their facilities are maintained to the highest quality at all times.  We provide all of the auxiliary services so you can eliminate added money spent on payroll.


At The Rostie Group we know that securing a new office space post-COVID is one of the toughest decisions of your professional lives.

That’s why we’re to help you along the way.

Take advantage of these times by getting ahead of the curve. Don’t wait till it’s too late, lease your downtown Toronto office today.

For more information on our private offices and team spaces, visit, email or call 416 214 1840.

We look forward to hosting your team in your brand new downtown Toronto office space.