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Don't Wait Till It's Too Late:
Lease Your Toronto Office Today

  Don't Wait Till It's Too Late: Lease Your Toronto Office Today If you want to do business in Canada, there’s no better option than an office in downtown Toronto.  Home to Canada’s largest business population, Toronto boasts…
Enterprise Offices and Their Next Big (Flexible) Decision
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Enterprise Companies and Their
Next Big (Flexible) Decision

Enterprise Companies and Their Next Big (Flexible) Decision Enterprise companies around the world are navigating the (hopeful) end to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on their daily operations.  Key decisions such as staffing, health…
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Serviced Offices & Why You Still Need Them

Serviced Offices & Why You Still Need Them Covid, covid, covid...not in the history of the world has one word meant so much to so many people. As a result of the crippling pandemic, the world seemingly stopped at a moments notice. But,…
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Let Our Client Services Team
Be Your Client Services Team

  Let our client services team be your client services team. Both myself, and Kerri are happily employed at The Rostie Group, but we also work for over 150 companies on a daily basis. How, you ask? The Rostie Group operates…
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Toronto’s Bid for Official NHL Hub & How it Impacts You

  It took the closing of a major sports league for the world to begin the rapid shut-down of all non-essential activity.  After the NBA decided they would no longer be playing games for the foreseeable future, the NHL (who were…
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We've Got You Covered - Under Our Umbrella, Ella, Ella

  You've all heard the saying "we've got you covered - rain, sleet, or snow." Now, let us prove it to you. Corporate Address Bay Street. Need I say more? This iconic street is one of the most well known in the country, as…
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The Law of Attraction: Shared Offices Bring Your Team Together

  If there is one thing that COVID-19 has taught society, it is to read and react to changes in our lives at the drop of dime. The "social distancing" mandate put in place by our governing bodies, has created a new daily routine…
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Waterfront Suite - Corner Lake View @ WaterPark Place with Five Private Offices & Multi-Use Space

The Rostie Group provides more than just office space. When you become a part of our waterfront work community, your team is set up for support, growth and success. WaterPark Place is the newest and hottest building in Toronto’s Financial…
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Spring is in the Air!

Hello Spring!!! After a rainy and dark Winter, Toronto (especially Waterfront Toronto) is happy to welcome Spring 2016! March 20th marks the official start of Spring, which means Summer on the Waterfront is just around the corner too! With…
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Throwback Thursday to the 90's!

Do you remember the 90’s? If you know what Seinfeld, VCR’s, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, flip phones, Tamagotchi’s or Beanie Babies are, then most likely you lived through the 90’s. In 1991… This is what the Apple logo looked…