Team Spaces Are The Cost-Effective Way Forward


Team Spaces Are The Cost-Effective Way Forward.

Post-Covid workplaces are sure to be different and team spaces may be the solution for a cost-effective workplace return.

Where multiple floors of employees, furniture, live walls, and state of the art technology were once coveted, employers are beginning to rethink about the amount of respective office space they require.

The trend of having large spaces with multiple locations and a seemingly endless amount of wasted space has run its course.  The costly overhead and frequent spreading of germs all contributed to the eventual downfall of this once revolutionary office culture.

And now, more than ever, businesses are focused on the health and well-being of their workforce leading them to consider all options moving forward.

However, the solution for this is simple; downsize to smaller option like a team space and reduce your physical footprint.

This StorgeWest article points out some critical tips for downsizing your office space.

With no surprise at all, cost is, and always will be one of these main benefits.

But what do you do if your workforce wants to work only a couple of days a week in the office?

Enter the executive office industry and get creative with your scheduling.

Our team spaces, which feature 6-foot socially-distanced work spaces, internal executive offices, and meeting rooms, will prove to be the cost-effective solution that your downsizing company is looking for.

With flexible terms, all-inclusive lease rates, networking opportunities, access to meeting rooms, and fully serviced amenities, The Rostie Group can provide solutions for companies in any industry.

These thoroughly cleaned and daily-disinfected spaces can be rented out by the day, week, month, or year.

Additional services such as printing and scanning, mail services, access to meeting rooms, video meeting access with lake or city views, fully serviced kitchen and much more, will make your workday much easier to navigate through.

Our PATH accessible facility which is in close proximity to Union Station is one of the most desirable locations in the city.

With inexpensive prices starting at only $250.00 per day, this is the perfect option for those who are searching for a team space solution.

For more information on our team spaces, visit, email or call 416 214 1840.

We look forward to hosting your team in your brand new cost-effective team space.