Telephone Answering Services

The Rostie Group offers their clients an all encompassing digital PBX phone system featuring:

Telephone Services

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  • Direct dial individual phone number
  • Voice over IP
  • Conference calling
  • Digital internal and external transfer
  • Speed dial
  • Voice mailbox service with 24-hour, 7 day a week message storage and remote retrieval
  • Expandable message capacity
  • Remote message notification
  • Custom automated day/night greetings
  • High specification digital phone sets
  • Call recording functions
  • Unified messaging integrating phone and email systems

The Rostie Group’s in-house technical department will provide phone support for the following areas:

  • Line installations (voice/fax)
  • Phone programming and personalized modification
  • Voice mail setup and customization (automated attendant)
  • External transfer and pager/cellular message notification activation
  • Detailed, customizable line and extension statistics reporting
  • On-site support and replacement service for telephone handsets
  • Regular upgrades of hardware and software

The Rostie Group is the first and only office business centre in Canada to offer a VoIP Phone System.