Rostie Group Coworking


The way we work is changing. The advent of the digital nomad and ever-growing globalization is sending the traditional office model the way of the dodo. What is, perhaps, even more important is the shifting attitudes surrounding work.

It’s no longer a matter of clocking in, working, and waiting until the end of the day. “Working for the weekend” is a concept of the increasingly distant past. Work Culture is changing. A thriving culture is the bridge between a good company and a great company.

Companies are growing beyond external marketing, realizing that internal marketing is of equal importance. A company’s culture defines its work community, The Rostie Group has been on the crest of the wave that is this on-going culture advancement for the past 25 years. With The Rostie Group Membership Plan we offer you the opportunity to join a thriving work community.

As a Rostie Group member, you get a complimentary day of co-working monthly, discounts on our first-class meeting rooms, access to our fully-stocked lounge, invitations to events held at our office, and the opportunity to advertise your business in our bi-monthly newsletter, The Scoop.

Becoming a Rostie Group member is about more than a desk. It’s about community and networking. It’s about joining a group of, ever-changing, diverse professionals, and the opportunity for creativity and ingenuity to foster in the melting pot that is the 11th floor at 20 Bay.

Each Rostie Group member is invited to attend all social gatherings and parties, including our holiday breakfasts, chili cook-offs, trivia days, thirsty thursdays, and many, MANY more events.

 A Rostie Group membership, with all of the benefits listed above, is a very affordable $45 per month. That’s it. $45. 

At $45 we think that you should contact us and start your Rostie Group Membership today!