If there is one thing that COVID-19 has taught society, it is to read and react to changes in our lives at the drop of dime.

The “social distancing” mandate put in place by our governing bodies, has created a new daily routine where employers and their staff have begun operating companies strictly from their living rooms.

So what will happen when this mandate is lifted and everyone is expected to return to their places of business? Will employers have a hard time reversing the newly adapted lifestyle of working from home?

Depending on the longevity of this new routine, employers may need to make the physical office space a bit more attractive, so they can retain their current employees, and most of all recruit new ones.

No, I’m not talking about new paint colours, fresh flowers, or an office pet.

An attraction must be created so that the new wave of employees coming out of this pandemic can and will justify going in to the office everyday, knowing full well they can complete their entire workload from their couches.

So what’s the best way of creating this value?

A shared office facility, of course.

Shared office facilities provide full kitchen amenities, furnished offices, fitness centres, meeting room access, state of the are technology, a convenient location, and best of all – a sense of communal social interaction, something everyone will be craving after all is said and done.

The Harvard Business Review published a study, finding that 83% of people reported that they are less lonely since starting working in a shared work space and 89% of the same people polled claimed that they were happier overall.

Best of all, employers will find themselves in a unique position where they now have a fully-serviced office space that comes with flexible terms at a competitive price.

If you find yourself in this position and are considering a move to a shared office centre, The Rostie Group may be the perfect fit for your next professional home.

For more information about relocating your business to a shared office space at The Rostie Group, please visit www.rostiegroup.com or call (416) 214-1840.