With 2019 having just started, we wanted to take a moment to look back and appreciate all the events we had in 2018.

We started the year off with three issues of The Scoop. The January, February and March issues.

Then Oxford Properties arranged an Easter Egg Hunt for the building tenants. We couldn’t pass up on collecting our own set, and getting chocolates that tasted like victory.

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Of course, that got us in the mood for our own eggs, and we decided to have an egg painting competition. We found it be very a very relaxing experience, and will be doing it again in 2019!

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After that, The Rostie Group declared that Spring was here! We didn’t care what any of the naysayers said, we declared Spring was here, and it was.

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And then, another first. The April/May issue of The Scoop was released. This marked an upgrade in content quality, as well as an increase in size per issue.

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And that was followed by another dual issue, the June/July issue was released. This one included our tribute to Canada’s 151st birthday – 151 Red and White Beach Balls.June Scoop Page 01

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Then Canada Day was here in a flash! Oxford Properties hosted an amazing Art Installation in the lobby for all the tenants to admire.

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It was also around this time that our upgrades to our online portal were complete! Book meeting rooms online, order your catering and A/V needs all from any device!

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And it was time again for another Scoop! This time the August/September issue.

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With Thanksgiving coming around, we decided to hold another Thirsty Thursday Meet & Greet. But with a twist! This time we raffled off a Turkey for a great Thanksgiving.

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Then spooky Halloween rolled around, and we LOVE Halloween here at The Rostie Group.

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Another two months went by, and another issue of The Scoop is released! This time the October/November issue!

October/November Scoop page 01

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Time for football and partying! In partnership with AON, we held our Third Annual Euchre Bowl – Euchre Tournament and Tailgate Lunch.

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Then the Holidays were here seemingly out of nowhere, and we couldn’t pass that up with a pair of events!

First was Holiday Trivia! A lunch filled with fun while we tried to decide who was the Ultimate Holiday Trivia Master.

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And then we held our annual Holiday Breakfast. Freshly made waffles and make-your-own omelettes prepared by Chef Jordan Diniz

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We want to thank everyone who joined us at these events, and we’ll be looking to make even more amazing memories in 2019 and beyond.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!