Rostie Group Rainy Lake Event Space Toronto


When typing in the phrase, “Event Space Toronto”, you expect results that suit your needs. At The Rostie Group, you can be confident that you need not worry about problems such as convenience of location, as it is located a short distance away from Union Station. Also, meetings may be too stressful due to having to set up the room to your preference or lay out catering needs. At this event space Toronto, you can be sure that you are receiving the treatment you expect. We do the work for you!

Beautiful Room Space

The Rostie Group can accommodate your meeting, interview session, or whatever you may need with rooms able to hold 4 or 90 people! If you are looking for event space Toronto, you want a space large enough so that you don’t need to rent out multiple rooms every time. The following are our smaller rooms able to hold between 5 and 12 attendees:

  • Lake Joe (5)
  • Caspian (5)
  • Baltic (5)
  • Toronto Bay (10)
  • Atlantic (12)

You can expect these rooms to include natural light with a breathtaking view of the downtown core, white boards, screens, and more! These comfortable, yet professional settings will leave you never wanting to look up “event space Toronto” again!

The following are our larger rooms that can hold between 20 and 60 attendees:

  • Pacific (20)
  • Muskoka (30)
  • Rainy Lake (60)

Expect these event spaces to be the perfect setting for a large group who may need multiple tables. These rooms include projectors, televisions, flip charts, and more! On top of that, we have multiple room layouts from which you can select. Whether it being a classroom style or a boardroom style layout, we will set it up for you!

Catering Needs?

At this event space in Toronto, The Rostie Group provides full catering services! Whether you need a simple breakfast break or multiple meals throughout your tough, all-day meeting, we can provide a diverse layout of food choices. If you’re looking for event space Toronto and cannot seem to find a space that delivers a service equal to your expectations, look no further. Whether you have an allergy or a specific diet, we can accommodate you with a delicious meal to keep you on your game at your meeting!

A Personal and Satisfying Experience

To some, the experience with the service providers is the most important aspect of a service. Nobody wants to rent out an event space from a group that does not effectively accommodate them with a positive attitude. At The Rostie Group, nothing less than a positive and friendly personality is acceptable. As a client, you will be sure to leave with an exceptional impression as we take pride in ensuring full satisfaction. This event space Toronto emphasizes the importance of a healthy relationship between client and service provider. Expect a friendly interaction from all those who you meet.

Professional Environment

As a service provider who emphasizes personal relationships and making clients feel welcome, there is nothing more comforting than a professionally run environment. The phrase “event space Toronto” should include such necessities. The following is a list of important attributes of a well-run workplace:

  • Clean
  • Efficient and organized
  • Communication between employees and employers
  • Modern and well kept décor
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Friendly staff

In order for a service provider to be successful, they must be welcoming, but also professional in these aspects.

Easy Contact

The Rostie Group takes initiative to keep in contact with our clients. Whether you prefer by email or by phone, we will respond hastily to ensure you do not wait longer than need be for an inquiry. Event spaces in Toronto should understand that first impressions are very important. The Rostie Group ensures that your first experience will be exceptional. No need to worry about calling more than once or emailing multiple times!

Event Space Toronto

Overall, The Rostie Group presents a well-rounded experience that is unique from other service providers. There is no need to worry about setup, as we will do the work for you. You will be valued as a client, and can expect a feeling of satisfaction after each and every experience.