The Rostie Group is proud to announce that we’ve got a brand new client portal!

What better way to hit the reset button coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic than a new client experience that starts with the click of a button.

With this new portal, you have the ability to purchase new services, complete meeting room reservations, make service requests, add colleagues, update credit card info and pay invoices!

Find out more about how you can utilize this amazing portal to make your workday that much easier.

Make a Purchase

Once upon a time putting your credit card information into a website had you praying that the product or service you purchased would work as planned.  Now, making an online purchase is an everyday thing. But, there’s still room for improvement and that’s what we did.


With our new Shop portal, we’ve made purchasing a Virtual Office, Dedicated Desk, Daily Office or Server Collocation a two minute process.  With detailed descriptions, easy to find services and fluid checkout process, you can confidently secure your next service with us.

Make a Meeting Room Reservation

Making meeting room requests can be difficult. You never know the proper pricing, availability and details about the space that are essential in you securing the space.  With our new meeting room reservation portal, we’ve ensured that all of your questions are answered so you can make an online reservation without the assistance of one of our team members.


Last minute meeting request at 10pm for the next morning? Not to worry.  Want to secure a space for six months down the road to ensure you have the right space? We can do that too. Our list of 10+ meeting, training and boardrooms are a great fit for any type of get together.

Add New Team Members

Adding new team members should be exciting, not a pain in the butt.  With every new employee should come the same ability to help keep your operation running as smooth as possible.  So why not give them the same capabilities by adding them to your company portal account.



Now, you can designate new roles such as the “contact person” or the “billing contact” and add social media handles for the rest of the work community to see.

Update Credit Card Info

You now have the ability to update your credit card info on the fly.  With changing expiry dates, the addition of new company cards, and other changes that are made everyday to the finances of your business, why not have a portal that you can trust.


Our secure payment portal, which is backed by makes for a seamless process when adding, changing or using your credit card to pay invoices. The Rostie Group accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

Pay Invoices

Paying invoices has never been easier.  With your already paired credit card information, you can quickly access invoices to see which of them are outstanding.  By simply, clicking on PAY you can authorize the payment and process it in a matter of seconds.


The best part is now you can keep track of the invoices throughout the year so when it comes to accounting or tax season, everything is at your access.

Already an existing portal user with additional questions? Please contact us!

For more information about how our new service portal can help make your daily work life easier, visit our website or email