The Rostie Group Is Attending 2021’s Collision Conference


While we aren’t a tech company, The Rostie Group will be attending 2021’s Collision Conference.

Why? Technology is more important than ever, in every field. There’s no such thing as a non-tech field anymore – FinTech, PropTech, LegalTech, MedTech – the list goes on. In 2021, if you aren’t investing in technology, no matter what your business is, you’re doing something wrong.

Remote work tech has exploded in the last year, for obvious reasons. What we are attending Collision to see this year is a similar explosion of non-remote work technology. We know that the office is still the workplace of the future, and the remote-work movement exists only as a response to the pandemic. For the majority of people, it’s unpleasant, lowers productivity, and shreds the work-life balance. That’s not great.

We are committed to the future of the workplace. That is, the physical workspace. It has some problems, and it could do with some modernizing – but it’s better than the soul-crushing alternative of another year or five of remote work.

Who would have thought we would dream of awkward chit chat about the weather in an elevator? “Remembering a morning commute fondly” is not a sentence that anyone would have said in 2019. Now? It’s commonplace.

Back to the main point, though.  We’re looking for ways to use tech to enhance the in-person office experience – everything from smart locks to digital planning systems – we’ll be at those booths, along with many others.  We want to make sure that when we all return to work, we’ll be able to do so in an office that is modern, safe, easy to use, and is better connected than any other.

Consider this our pledge to ensure that your experience using our offices will propel your business and your career, rather than just being another place to work – after all, you can do that from home.

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We look forward to being your new Toronto office provider.