Evenings and Weekend Meetings at The Rostie Group


While many are out celebrating a successful day, there’s a large portion of the Canadian workforce who are burning the midnight oil, and are exceeding what should have been an 8 hour work day.

This life in the fast lane can be both daunting and exhausting.

Evening after evening of Chinese takeout, missed family obligations, and lack of sunlight can begin to take a toll on one’s happiness.

As this Inside Higher Ed article points out, having evening meetings or work sessions can be quite challenging for families with younger children and household pets, as well as negatively affect the quality of relationship between two individuals.

But, for the sake of business it has to be done.

Given this premise, why not make your after hours sessions the best they can be.

Here are a few tips on how to create positive after hours work sessions.

  1. Move to a different venue – Nothing gets the juices flowing like a new environment. It’s easy to become distracted by your everyday workspace. By relocating to a different location that is completely removed from your everyday obligations; it will be easier to concentrate on the task at hand.
  2. Order meals from a different place – Food orders can become repetitious. This is especially true as a result of establishments that are simply a short distance to your workspace. The ease and speed will have you falling back on the same dinner order night after night. It’s time to mix things up a bit.
  3. Let someone else do the work for you – Organizing an after hours work session is a task in itself. When the sole intention of putting in extra time is to complete a project, train employees, or have board meetings, creating extra work just to make this happen is quite superfluous. By allowing someone to organize these sessions, it provides you the freedom to get in, do the work, and get out.

At The Rostie Group, we understand these principles and are proud to offer evening and weekend meeting reservations. Our fully serviced meeting spaces, which include industry leading technology, can be reserved by the hour, half day, and full day.These meeting spaces, paired with our extensive catering menu will be sure to provide you an exceptional experience.

If you’d like to learn more about how The Rostie Group may be able to service your evening and weekend meetings and training room needs, please contact us by clicking here or call us at 416 214 1840.