Toronto Office Broker Information

How Office Brokers can earn more money

The Rostie Group offers office brokers the easiest way to satisfy their client’s small space office needs in the most cost effective manner.

By calling The Rostie Group and registering your lead, you become eligible for substantial commissions. Whether you visit with your client or send your prospect to our location separately, our staff will greet your client with enthusiasm and provide a written quotation tailored to your client’s special needs. If we close… you get paid.

Courtesy is a virtue and it is good business! The smallest client can produce a worthy commission and recommend you to others.

When your client outgrows us, we call you first. When a client who has found us without broker assistance outgrows us, we recommend a broker who has referred other clients to us.

How The Office Referral Process Works

  • Your introduction will be checked against our client enquiry database.
  • Confirmation of the referral being successful or otherwise will be communicated to you within 4 working hours.
  • We will give you regular feedback on the progress of your referral. Please feel free to call us at any time you wish for an update.
  • We will pay the referral fee as soon as we receive your client’s deposit or retainer.