Sidewalk Labs announced today that it would not be moving forward with its ambitious East Bayfront “smart city” development. Many Torontonians are disappointed by this, but they may not have the full picture.

The vast majority of the Toronto Waterfront revitalization projects are being carried out by Waterfront Toronto- not Sidewalk Labs, so there’s no reason to panic.

We’re still going to see VIlliers Island– an exciting mixed use development in the portlands, which includes an entirely new river mouth for the Don River, a residential community, with commercial space as well as huge amounts of parkland. Here’s a gallery.  The York Street and Rees Street Parks are moving ahead quickly, as well, and the program promises to revitalize some of Toronto’s most used, and best located greenspace.

George Brown College is moving forward with their plan for The Arbour, Ontario’s first high rise made of timber, as well as plans to significantly increase their campus’ footprint on the Waterfront.

Additionally, the East Bayfront LRT shows all signs of moving forward on schedule. This new LRT line will link the portion of Toronto’s Waterfront east of Bay Street to Union Station, opening the area for a significant amount of sustainable development.

These are just the public developments that have been announced; there’s an enormous amount of exciting private development moving forward as well. Toronto’s Waterfront is the fastest-changing part of the city, and it’s incredibly exciting to be a member of the community.

The Rostie Group is located in the heart of Toronto’s Waterfront, and you’d be hard pressed to find office space or meeting rooms with a better location in the city- just steps from the water, and a short walk to Canada’s most important transit hub, Union Station.

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