A triangular seating arrangement is ideal for conducting a video conference. This ensures that all audience members can watch the offsite presenter on mounted double-plasma screens without obstruction. This design is also suitable for training seminars as material can be displayed on presentation screens or on a white board located at the front of the room. Video conferencing can be arranged for a one-on-one interview session or for an audience of up to 75 people.


Rainy Lake: 1400 Sq. feet, up to 70 people in Classroom style.

Muskoka: 900 Sq. feet, up to 35 people in Classroom style.

Pacific: 700 Sq. feet plus a breakout room of 200 Sq. feet, up to 25 people in Video Conference style.

Atlantic: 390 sq. feet, up to 12 people in Video Conference style.