The Rostie Group Zoom Rooms are Live!

At The Rostie Group, we’re constantly striving to provide the newest high-end technology to our clients.

We’re proud to announce the installation of brand new 4K TV’s throughout the centre, but most importantly in our meeting rooms. Accompanying these new displays, is full videoconference equipment in all of our rentable spaces.

With existing videoconference services already in our large training rooms, we put a heavy emphasis on broadening this digital communication to all of our meeting rooms, bringing the high quality visual and audio fidelity of a large room system, to our medium and small sized spaces.

The Atlantic RoomRostie Group Atlantic Room Videoconference 2

The Baltic RoomRostie Group Baltic Room Videoconferencing

The Caspian RoomRostie Group Caspian Room Videoconferencing

Do you use Zoom, WebEX, Skype or GoToMeeting? Not to worry, our new Polycom Studio Video Bars support all major platforms. With this new equipment, you’ll be able to experience higher quality video and audio connections, all on large TV’s fit to display all of the attendees on your call.

This is just another way that The Rostie Group continues working hard to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience in our rooms.

Let us take you through a quick demo of the features of the new Rostie Group Zoom Rooms:

The microphones in our cameras automatically zoom in on the current speaker, while ignoring occasional other noises. This ensures that the action is always on the speaker.

If two or more speakers are the focus, and there is a conversation going on, our cameras can automatically pick that up and zoom on all participants, making sure that everyone is included.

Finally, automatic zoom and focus may not give you the results you need. Not a worry. You can choose to show the entire room, or manually zoom on any point on the table, ignoring any automatic movements.

With all of this amazing video hardware, and our excellent customer service and beautifully designed rooms, The Rostie Group is the best place in Toronto to have your videoconference.

HD Videoconferencing made easy

Our state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment offers you all the benefits of a traditional business meeting, while saving you money on travel expenses and meeting planning costs.

Connect with multiple clients or associates around the world, in mere seconds, without having to worry about booking a single airplane flight. Videoconferencing technology gives your company a competitive edge by instantly allowing for seamless face-to-face communication with off-site contacts.

It’s also the most environmentally-friendly meeting option. Videoconferencing is the future of business!

Videoconference rooms are conveniently located throughout The Rostie Group facilities. Equipment can also be purchased and installed according to your individual specifications.

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